Most Effective Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Most Effective Keyboard Shortcut Keys 

Shortcut keys are very important and provide efficiency to use a Computer system even Laptop or Desktop Computer. Shortcut keys provide an easier way to perform a certain task in the computer. In this article we will learn about Effective Keyboard Shortcut

If you are a computer student or computer professional and you don’t know
how to use the shortcut key that’s very important for a computer expert then 
In this article, I will share the most usable and effective shortcut key that will 
make your life easier if you are using computer Daily.

Below is a List of Shortcut keys and their Description by practice these keys you will increase your working experience.


Backspace is the most widely used button in keyboard used to remove some already written text from backside.

For example: 
“HELLO WORLD” is text I want to remove this text by Pressing the Backspace button  this text will start removing from Backside like it will remove first D then D then R and so on


Delete or del is shortcut button used to remove text from Starting side. 
For Example:

“HELLO WORLD” is text I want to remove this when I press Del button it will start removing from Starting side like first remove H then E and so on

Alt + F4 

Alt F4 is the most useful shortcut key used in all laptops and desktop computers  to close Currently running programs

Alt + F4 

Also Alt F4 is used to shut down your pc in a little amount of time. Just by pressing ALT + F4 you will see Shutdown Message box and After enter your pc will shut down.

Window Key + D 

If you are working on your pc and suddenly you want to minimize all the currently running programs then Press Window Key + D it will minimize all windows.

Window Key + E 

Window Key + E is used to start My computer Directly it means that if you are on Desktop and press Window + E  You will see My computer all drives


Control + T 

Control + T is used to start new tab in internet broswer.


Control + H 

Is used to directly show your existing history that you search on internt using your internet browser.


Control + J 

Is used to show Download page in your internet browser.

For example:
You are using google chrome and suddenly you need to check DOwnload Page that how many downloads are complete are how many are running then press Control + J and you will see you, Download Page.


Control  + D 

This is used in the browser to bookmark the page. 


Control + A

Used to select all text in the document.


Control + C  

Used for Copy Any File/Folder in your computer system or To copy text by pressing Control + C you will copy that file.



Used for Paste Any File/ Folder/ Text etc



Used for  Cut Any file/Folder/Text etc


Control + Z 

Is used for Undo. to restore something that you delete in the meantime this shortcut is very effective to used in daily life.


COntrol + Y 

This shortcut is used opposite to UNDO By pressing Control + Y you will redo your file.


Control + Shift + T 

If you are searching on the internet and you have many tabs running in the browser then you suddenly delete 

Your tabs and in the mistake you delete the working tabs that you don’t want to delete then Press Control + Shift+ T Your delete tab will restore directly


Control + Alt + Delete

Control + Alt + Delete this shortcut is very important because if you find your computer program or software hang in the middle of a function and you want to remove that then Press Control + Alt + Delete you will see all the currently running software.

Shift + Arrow Key

Is used to highlight text in the document.

Window Key + L 

Window Key + Lis used to go to Switch user mood

Window Key + R

Window + R is used for Run



The overall theme of this article is to increase you working speed by using these all shortcut keys during working time.

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