How To Get Payoneer Card In Pakistan

Get Payoneer Card In Pakistan: Pakistan is a growing freelance industry. The economy is booming. It has become very easy for Pakistanis to get jobs online just at the click of a mouse because there are thousands of freelancers in almost every domain who find work on howtohireablogger, WordPress, Upwork etc.

However, one thing that hinders many people from working with them is how they can receive payment.

Most of the jobs are paid through payment method like Paypal, Skrill and other freelancing websites which only allow you to withdraw money if your account is verified or has a credit card linked to it. If you live in Pakistan then how will you apply for one? Most people try their luck with getting some friend’s help but the percentage of success is very low.

Payoneer Pakistan

Pakistani people can now order their Payoneer card by visiting the company’s website. Payoneer is a global online payment service that offers affordable solutions for working professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs who need to send and receive payments globally.

** What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a global online payment service that offers affordable solutions for working professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs who need to send and receive payments globally.

Which Banks support Payoneer in Pakistan?

Currently, you can apply for a Payoneer card at all major banks in Pakistan. But your confirmation of a bank is more helpful when you are going to signup for Payoneer.

United Bank, Standard chartered, Muslim Commercial bank,  jazz cash and others are also partnered with Payoneer.

Jazz cash is a more suitable option because Payoneer have the minimum transfer of $100 for banks while for jazz cash you can withdraw a minimum amount below $100.

How Does Payoneer work?

When you signup for Payoneer, your account will be a virtual browser-based one in which users can transfer and receive money from other Payonereter. After ordering your card you will get it soon then you can easily make a withdrawal through your local bank.

How To Get Payoneer Card In Pakistan

A Payoneer prepaid card that allows you to withdraw your money from any ATM machine worldwide.

You can’t order a card before getting $30 in your account after completion of this requirement you can order your card.

Order your card is a very simple method

  • Go to your Setting in the menu and click on Payoneer Card Button.
  • On the first time with fresh account Click Order Now
  • You will redirect to a new window
  • Read and click I Understand and Press Next
  • In this step, you will be asked to Select Currency USD, EURO GBP and enter required details
  • After filling in the Address and details Click On the ORDER
  • And Done you will see Application Completed they will review your
    data and you will receive an email within 3 days

Make sure your details are correct and check your email these days if any additional information is required you need and you have to submit it on time.

Normally they asked for Address verification in which you have to submit a Utility bill in your name, Bank details etc

And in other verification, they asked you to upload your selfie with a clear face after these steps your card will be sent for approval check status at Setting > Payoneer card window

wait for 10-20 days and you will get your card at your postal address

First time card has no charges but You have to pay an additional fee for the card annually, but it’s totally worth it because you will be able to withdraw money anywhere in the world with some fixed
transaction fee!

Your account balance automatically refreshes every hour and any time that happens, the new balance appears on your Payoneer card.


Where can Payoneer be used?

Payoneer is a money transfer service that can be used to receive your money almost anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking to shop online, order from an international catalogue, sell online or work with foreign suppliers and independent professionals. Payoneer empowers businesses and individuals by facilitating seamless global commerce.

How Can Money Be Sent To A Payoneer Account?

Once you have a Payoneer account, sending money is fast and free. You can transfer funds from other payoneer user and also from marketplaces that support Payoneer  or send cash using an online payment service like PayPal.

The Payoneer card is an international payment option that allows users to both make and receive payments from companies in any country. A great feature of this service is It can also be used for online freelancing such as Upwork, or Fiverr.

The Payoneer service is great for entrepreneurs who want to accept payments both domestically and internationally. It can be used by anyone, not just freelancers or contractors!



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