How To Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

How To Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting: A professional website needs a custom domain and fast loading hosting, You can choose domain and hosting from any of the Service providers company and attach it together to make your website live.

Normally if you are a newbie and want to start a blog or website you can purchase a domain and hosting from 1 company so it will be easy to manage in the future.

But in case you purchase a domain from one company and hosting from another company no worry in this article we will guide you on how to add the domain name from GoDaddy in your Namecheap hosting.

What is addon Domain

Addon domain is a type of domain which will be added in your hosting Control Panel.

Hosting offer control panel where you can add multiple Addon domains but this is possible only in shared hosting. Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which you can add more than one addon domain, sometimes 2 but it depends on your hosting package.

Add Domain to Namecheap Hosting

There are different hosting and all have exactly the same method but In this the guide we will discuss How To add GoDaddy domain in Namecheap Cpanel.

Before proceeding you need two things to add GoDaddy domain in Namecheap Cpanel

Domain Name and Shared Hosting

Domain Name which will be used to add in hosting and hosting will be used to
add this domain name.

Namecheap Hosting Nameservers

Hosting nameserver is used to attach domain from a different company such as we are going to add domain from another registrar Godaddy so that why we need Namecheap hosting nameserver which you can easily copy from Namecheap site.

These are 2 Namecheap hosting nameserver:


How To Add Godaddy Domain in Namecheap Cpanel

Now move towards adding domain here you will do two things

  • Change The Domain Name servers
  • Add Domain in Hosting

Change Domain Nameservers

  • First of all login to your Godaddy account
  • Go to Your Domain and click DNS
  • Click on Custom nameservers
  • Now copy and paste both the Namecheap nameservers
  • And last click on save

Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

After changing the name server of your domain Now it’s a time to add this domain in NameCheap Cpanel.

Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

  • Login in to Namecheap Cpanel
  • Navigate To addon Domain section > Click Addon Domain
  • Type your domain name in the New Domain Field
    • Subdomain and Document root will be filled automatically
  • Click on Add Domain

Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting

By this way, your domain will be added to your Cpanel and you can check it by going
to Main public_html root directory of your Cpanel.

Common Problem After Addon domain

Sometimes when you decide to Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting and change the Nameservers it takes time to track by Hosting the company which is a DNS zone folder creation on hosting which will result in the form error in Frontpage after visiting the domain.

So be patient after changing the nameservers and then add it in Cpanel then it
will work.



This is a simple guide on how to Add Domain To Namecheap Hosting read carefully and follow all the steps, i wish this article will help you.


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