How To Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook 2022

Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook


Now e days a huge community of people want to make money Easily. Online earning is a better way to earn more money through the internet. Internet is so simple for a skilful person to earn money from home by working on multiple platforms like Blogging, Youtube, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, etc. So in this article, We will study Make Money with Clickbank using facebook.

What is ClickBank

Clickbank is one of the top  Affiliate marketing network offer Product Owners, Companies, Merchant, etc to sell their products Online, Clickbank starts in 1998 and joined by over 6 Million users contain around 30,000 digital sales every day.

Product owner places their products and Affiliate takes it to promote it using Digital Marketing to want some commission in per Product sale.

There are different categories such as Education, Ebooks, Health Fitness, Art, Home and Garden, Mobile, Computers, and lots other by which you can sell your products as Merchant and Publisher can Take products from here to Promote it.

Clickbank offer to Work in Two ways

  1. Create your own product 
  2. Sale other People products.


Here are some of the Top Selling Products in 2022

  1. Fitness and Weight loss
  2. Health
  3. Dating and relationship
  4. Pets
  5. Self Improvements
  6. Make Money On the Internet


Benefit of Clickbank

High Commission

Some products can pay you 10%  to 70% commission on one product Yes it’s right, its means when a product has $100 price you sell 10 Products a day and the commission per product is 50% then you can Directly Make  $500 which is a Huge amount in starting as Affiliate Marketer.

Pay Fast

Another benefit to working on Clickbank is it can pay you fast according to other platforms to hold your payment for 30 days.

Affiliate Friendly 

If you are working as International other than US Clickbank offers payment through Payoneer which is a popular Payment Platform for international Customers.


How To Earn Money Online With ClickBank  

1) Create Your own product: 

It’s a great way to start your own online business through Clickbank, but Place, Manage and Promote your own products take time and it’s hard for one person to do this task.

The best way to work as Advertiser on Clickbank is to create your own product and set a percentage for other affiliates for this purpose you just need to Signup on Clickbank and place your product to start.

Promote your products through an affiliate is a time-consuming and most profitable way to generate more leads because there is a huge affiliate community available and ready to promote your Products.

Affiliates on ClickBank will start promoting your product on their website, youtube and other social platforms and as A result, you can earn money by sale.

2) Sell other people Products.

Clickbank is also the Most profitable to work as a Publisher or  Affiliate Marketer. You can start just by sign up on Clickbank as an Affiliate and choose the right product that will generate more revenue.

If you are a Digital Marketer, Already have a clearer concept on Market a Product then this will be helpful for you.

By sign up at Clickbank, you can start to promote other people products on your website and other marketplaces on the internet. If you sell a product you will earn a commission from that product.

I will recommend first select your best niche and searching for the best commission product then you will earn a handsome amount.

How To Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook

Lots of platforms are available in the world online to promote your Clickbank product to earn money online you can Promote your products on Youtube, Website, and Social Media platforms, we study how to make money with Clickbank step by step.


How to Promote Clickbank Product Using Facebook

Today a huge community of people know and enjoy the surf on Facebook, Some use Facebook to connect with family, relatives, and friends, but opposite from that Facebook is the most profitable Social network if we study it to promote our products or Work as Digital Marketer on Facebook.

Promote ClickBank Products on Facebook Pages

To promote your products on Facebook first of All you need to Sign in from a Genuine Facebook account to start marketing your selected products.

Then the Best way to promote your products is to start a Facebook Page, You can Promote by starting a Facebook Ads campaign which will attract a huge amount of visitors from around the world to Easily Buy your product.

Facebook ads campaigns need little techniques and targeting try to target people relevant to your products will give you more benefits.

For Example, Your product selection contains Health products it will sell in English countries if we compare it to countries such as Pakistan India Bangladesh etc because of the high conversion rate and people purchase things online.

Another way of promotion is to Search your target Keywords in Facebook search and Join all the relevant group which has Members 1k+ and Starting Promoting Your Products.


Promote Products in Facebook Groups

Remember to Join all the Facebook group which is related to your Niche means If you are promoting Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, etc products you can Join All the Facebook group relevant to your Health niche.

In case you are promoting Education Books, ebooks, How to earn money online Tool, or any digital products you need to Join all the groups related to your Niche.

Because when you select Group according to your niche then you will attract more buyers and will Generate more Revenue for you.

Clickbank Tips and Tricks

To promote your products on Facebook search your target people search on the group for those people you are promoting products and check their comments, in which some people ask for inbox or you will see some discussion on that posts, Add these people to your Friend list and send them a message about your products.



This is a guide on how to make money with Clickbank using Facebook, and I hope you will follow this guide and start promoting your content on Facebook.

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