Which Type of Hosting Is Good For Beginners?

Learning is a never-ending process!

If you are new to hosting and cannot figure out which one to start with, this beginner’s guide will give you good insights about it.

There are several web hosting services. Each of them has certain similarities but work differently or different types of websites.

Out of these types of hosting services, shared hosting works best for beginners. Other types
include dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

Any website which is new and ready to rock can start with cheap shared web hosting Whether you have an online store, a portfolio website, a blogging website or, anything that needs a website to reach more audiences and clients will work fine with a shared server.

One can start with a VPS server also, but that is not required. You get enough resources in a shared hosting server. In fact, as a beginner, you get a good amount of resources. When you begin hosting, you will understand what I mean.

Websites for Small and medium-sized businesses do not have too many requirements. They are subtle, new and receive average traffic. As they take a step ahead, they receive better traffic and eventually run out of storage limits. Only then, a VPS server becomes a viable option.

So, What is Shared Hosting?

A hosting server basically stores all your files and contents on the server. When any visitor searches your website, the webserver shares these contents with them.

It is a backend process that we humans don’t see. Without a hosting server, your website doesn’t have an existence. Hosting publishes your website on a digital level where everyone can access it anytime.

A shared server is shared among many users and all users share the same resources.

You can try MilesWeb for your shared hosting server. Their pricing plans are affordable. You will not find cheap web hosting with good services and features like MilesWeb.

Their approach to hosting solutions is subtle. The company runs on one motive to provide cheap hosting services so that it is accessible to everyone.

You will be surprised if I say you can enjoy a shared server at the price of a burger. Yes, you heard me right! They are more than affordable.

Can I Host Unlimited Websites?

Yes, MilesWeb’s Multi plan lets you host unlimited websites. The Multi plan costs only Rs. 170/m on a 3years term. You can also host your client’s websites on your server and earn from it.

Is there any Money-Back Guarantee?

You can request a refund within the first 30 days if MilesWeb doesn’t meet your expectations. Although they provide top-notch services, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if needed. So, you won’t even need to ask for a refund and stop hosting with them.

Will I get Email Account?

Yes, you will get unlimited email accounts with Prime and Multi Plans. Even in the Solo plan, you get 10 email accounts, which are more than enough. These email addresses can help you with business-related work.

Do I get Support?

You will get 24/7 customer support from MilesWeb if you purchase any of their shared hosting
plans. You can reach them via chat or email and they will assist you on an immediate basis.

Is MilesWeb Good with Security?

You can rely on MilesWeb for security. We all know the importance of safety and security for a website. Visitors browsing activity is completely based on the assurance that the website they are browsing is securing their information and is safe to use.

MilesWeb offers a free SSL certificate with shared hosting plans. The SSL certificate encrypts personal information shared to and from the visitors’ browser.

It is very rare to find web hosting providers who offer free SSL certificates. So, MilesWeb is definitely a good choice in terms of security as well.

To know more about them, read this MilesWeb Review

What More do I Get with MilesWeb?

1. Website Builder – You will get a website builder tool with MilesWeb shared hosting plans. This tool helps create beautiful websites. You can choose your template from the thousands of options available. It is also easy to handle.You can just use a drag and drop feature to start site- building.

2. WordPress Optimized – MilesWeb offers WordPress optimized hosting. All hosting customizations are exclusively for WordPress websites. You will not need to configure them separately. This will help in enhancing performances.

3. 1-Click Installer – The 1-click installer application lets you install 400 plus web applications.
You can run them all smoothly on your hosting.

4. Domain – You get a free domain with shared hosting plans. But, there’s one term that you must make a purchase for 1/3years to be able to avail of the offer. If you purchase a plan for 1/3years, the domain will be free for the first year. From the second year, regular domain prices
will be applicable.


Shared hosting is a great deal for beginners. New websites run smoothly on a shared server. You also get enough features to help you manage the website.
MilesWeb makes it even easier for its users to have a smooth user experience. They offer shared
hosting at very low prices. You can trust them for reliability, security and varied features.

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