MilesWeb Review: 6 Reasons to Upgrade to VPS Hosting

MilesWeb Review: 6 Reasons to Upgrade to VPS Hosting

Hey there! Are you also using shared hosting for a long time? I must say, it’s time you switch to a better server now.

I am sure shared hosting has helped your business/blog come a long way. However, after a certain period, only switching helps in more growth. There are many web hosting servers, and shared hosting is for beginners.

When your business/blog reaches a level where you expect more growth, a better hosting server like VPS can improve speed, performance, security and many other areas that your current hosting may be lacking right now.

Shared hosting is a great hosting service, but it can limit your website from climbing more staircases (in terms of growth, traffic, and brand authenticity).

Whereas, a VPS server does a better job than a shared server.

Now, you may want to know how VPS works. No worries, I will explain to you for better understanding.

What Is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server is a more advanced server if we compare it with a shared hosting server. It holds your website files and contents on a virtually independent webserver and broadcasts them to visitors’ browsers.

VPS is similar to a dedicated server, where you can enjoy a private environment. But, you share the physical server with other users.

That means the hosting provider will provide hosting a single physical server, which then gets divided into many virtual parts and distributed among users as VPS.

You can enjoy personal resources with a VPS server as you will have control over them. Each user will have their private resources and no sharing at all.

While in shared hosting, you share the server and resources both. Due to this, you get limited resources like CPU, RAM, Storage memory, etc.

When you have personal resources on an isolated level, you can make optimum use of them whenever required.

Comparatively, VPS has a lot more advantages than a shared server. Your website will work fine with a shared server, but we do expect more growth and a shared server limits that.

If you are also anticipating growth and want your business to receive better engagement, visitors, sales, try MilesWeb VPS hosting.

MilesWeb is a great example of perfect hosting solutions. You can take your business/website online in seconds and hassle-free. They are one of the best web hosting companies in Dubai

Who Is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is the best hosting provider in India, Dubai, US and UK. They have served the hosting industry for 9 years and they are one of the best Linux VPS hosting provider.

The hosting company was started in 2012 by a group of three friends. They were highly motivated to offer cheap and affordable hosting services. Their aim has helped several businesses/enterprises/organizations achieve online success.

Here’s an overview of MilesWeb Managed VPS Plans –
1. Offers 10 different VPS plans
2. Ranges from RS. 630/m to 32,640/m after a 25% discount
3. 1 dedicated IP
4. RAM up to 128 GB
5. Up to 40vCPU
6. Bandwidth up to 3,000 GB
7. Up to 500 GB SSD Disk
25% discount applies to users who purchase for a minimum of 3years. Getting such a
good deal at a low cost is something you won’t find everywhere. If you grab it now, you
can be at a benefit.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Features

You get ample great features with MilesWeb hosting. Check them below.

Unmatched Performance – MilesWeb VPS server enables your website with strong speed and performance. You can run high-end websites/applications without complications. Plus, the website will have a better response time. MilesWeb offers a guarantee of 99.99% uptime and that is the highest.

Fully Managed VPS – MilesWeb offers a fully managed VPS hosting service. You don’t require technical skills here, the team will take care of the hosting. They will manage and monitor and make sure your hosting server is up all time.

The web host also offers unmanaged VPS plans. If you think you can handle the management, you can opt for self-managed VPS hosting services.

Control Panel – Manage the VPS server with ease with the best-in-class control panel. They are easy to use and provides a simplified experience.

SSL Certificate – MilesWeb provides a free SSL certificate with VPS hosting plans. That means all information and data on your server is secured with HTTPS. You don’t need to worry about threats as privacy and security is highly maintained.

Unlimited Databases – With VPS hosting you are eligible to create and manage unlimited databases, on any platform of your choice. MilesWeb’s VPS server supports the latest versions of MySQL.

Host Unlimited Websites – Since you privately own the VPS server, why not take the utmost advantage of it? Host as many websites as you want, MilesWeb lets you have that control.


The name itself says Virtual Private Server. That means though you share the server, you also have exclusive control over it.

A VPS server helps boost performance, speed and enhances privacy. The level of security rises, and you can expect your website to receive better traffic.

MilesWeb is one of the best hosting providers to host your websites. Buy any hosting service and you always get it at low prices. A VPS server is also available for low prices. Plus, you receive tons of great features that you may not get with other hosting providers.

So, what do you think? Should you atleast give MilesWeb a try? You never know how much success is waiting ahead for you!

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