How To Create a Blog For Free And Make Money Online

How To Create a Blog For Free And Make Money

The blog is a simple way to share your own feeling/ideas to the people in the world. The blog is a simple dairy which you can daily post Articles on your blog and people will visit your blog. In this article, I will cover How To Create a Blog For Free And Make Money

Create Blog in 2023

Luckily in 2019 Creating Blog is so easy for the new beginner as compared to past when people who can expert in Html (HyperText Markup Langauge), CSS (Cascading Style sheet), Javascript etc Designing languages then those people can Make blogs. But now create your own blog is just like create word documents.


How To Write a Blog Post

  1. Choose Your Topics
  2. Keywords Research For Article
  3. Main Keyword and Sub keywords
  4. Inbound Link and Outbound link
  5. Heading (h1-h6)

Choose Topics

First thing you need for a blog post is your topic. Your strong research will produce a more clear idea about your article, Choose a topic is half of the Quality of a Post.

Keyword Research

The second most important thing in the blog post is your keyword research. IF you have a clear idea and Strong keyword research you will rank higher in search engines.

I strongly recommend choosing High Volume and Low Difficulty keywords to get more benefits.

Main Keyword and Subdomain

During the time of keywords, research keeps in mind to target your focus keyword. Use your target keyword in Title and post with keywords density of 2.0 and use your Sub keywords in the post description.

Inbound Link and Outbound Link

This means after some idea and writes your blog post another important thing to generate more page views is Interlinking, Link your another blog post with the relevant keywords which will attract the visitors to click and outcome in the form of More pageviews


Use H1, H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 In your blog post also called SEO optimize a blog post.


Types of Blogs That Make money

  • Health Fitness
  • Food Recipe
  • Earn Money Online
  • News Blog

Health Fitness

Health And fitness is a Million dollars niche to start your blog as a beginner. This is a high profitable niche if you can rank your blog in the US, UK you will get a High CPC (Click through Rate) in Adsense Account.

Best way to start your blog on health fitness is to create Niche blog (Micro Niche). Another way to get High income using your Affiliate Link in your blog. If someone searching for a product and you provide the exact solution that person will definitely Buy that product from your Link.

Food and Recipe

Another profitable niche in the list is Food and recipe Blog. Different sort of women from the world is already starts their food blog. This is the best niche for an educated female who wants to earn money fro home can start a blog today.

You can earn Through Google AdSense and lots of other Ads network. You can promote affiliates product using this blog by including referral link inside the blog post.


Earn Money Online

This is a highly competitive niche because already a huge community working on this niche. But keep in mind that a keyword is High competitive because of its important.

Earn money is a decent niche in order to come with the best strategy and technique to rank your blog.

Using this niche you can review other products and earn from the commission.

News Blog

The news blog is another Successful way to earn money through blogging. Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable are the Top news website earning in Million Of Doller per month from Just one Blog.

Think of it to have a news blog cover some sort of news such as Tech NEWS, Latest Mobiles, and lots more.


Create a Blog For Free And Make Money Online

For serious blogging, you need a domain and hosting to start your blog with little investment in the start. There are different platforms available to start from a new blog but here we will discuss how to create a blog for free and make money online


You can start your blog from blogger which will give you free hosting and domain. You will get domain and google blogger Hosting by which you can create unlimited a blog post.


How to Create a Blog For Free on Google Blogger

Now when the free blog discussion come to the point blogger is the best way for newbies to start a blogging career without invest money. There are multiple platforms available but the blogger platform is free and using many peoples and earning handsome money.

You can use blogger to create a professional-looking website.

Why Choose Blogger Platform:

  1. Blogger is a blogging service by Google.
  2. Blogger platform is so easy to start a new blog. It is easy for the new beginner and contains free domain like
  3. Easy to use editor
  4. No viruses or security patches
  5. Integration with lots of Google products and services
  6. Very customizable through the template editor
  7. Quick AdSense integration
  8. A fast serving of content on Google CDN
  9. Immediate indexing in google search engine
  10. Another best advantage when your blog attracts many visitors other hosting server get down but Blogger platform can handle it easily


How To Start a blog on WordPress

WordPress in the most popular platform for blogging. In simple words to become a WordPress blogger you need to invest some money to buy a Top-level domain and some hosting space to host or start your website.

But it does not stop here, you can create Free blog on WordPress with a subdomain like You can start your blog from WordPress free but it will give limited functionalities.

I will recommend starting a new blog on WordPress with Top-level domain and Paid Hosting it will provide Unlimited Plugin installation, A Professional looking Custome WordPress theme, and you can use all the features which will help you in ranking more easily.


I share two ways to start a free blog and earn money using blogger and WordPress. You can follow these simple ways to start your blogging career.


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