5 Best Courier Service Companies In Pakistan

 Courier service in Pakistan

Courier service is a company which provides facility to send parcels from one place to another place. There are many types of Courier Service In Pakistan with different names all over Pakistan. Nowadays internet has revolutionized our lifestyles, online shopping has become a routine because people have no time to shop. Online shopping has many advantages and the courier service delivers our orders in a very short time.

Today people like to shop from home and get their desired products as soon as possible with full security.

There are many cheapest courier services in Pakistan. It can help you to deliver anything anywhere in the universe. Some companies provide a confirmation message to the recipient.

With so many courier services in Pakistan, it can be difficult to find the best one. This blog post will give you an overview of 5 great courier service companies in Pakistan that offer competitive prices and quick delivery times.

There are many courier companies in Pakistan but we recommend FIVE companies to use for delivering your product or parcels to enhance your business.



TCS- Courier service in pakistanTCS is the best and most trusted courier company in Pakistan. They deliver not only locally, but also internationally; that’s why they cover over 220 countries with more than 3,500+ destinations worldwide!

You can efficiently provide a delivery or an important gift to someone you care about through their services – whether it be business-related material like paper documents & laptop computers for work purposes as well fragile gifts such as jewellery which needs special handling due to its fragility (oxidation rate).

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night either because TCS offers overnight service within Pakistan. And also take some days for the international transfer of parcels and products.

TCS helps you to enhance your business internationally due to courier service all our word countries are connected to one another.

Due to courier service, you can order any types of products from all our word. With efficient load managing capabilities that minimize risks of damages during transport, it’s easy for you to worry less about logistics when shipping internationally.

If you want to send our product anywhere then the charges are different for different products.

Leopards Courier

Leopards-courier service in Pakistan

Leopards Courier is the fast-growing courier service in Pakistan. It has now expanded its services to 1500 locations across 2200 global destinations,

offering one-day delivery and same-day shipping but with some limitations on urgency charges; you may visit their website for more information about how they can get your package delivered quickly!

You will also be able to track through the link any parcel that’s being sent via Leopards COURIER so there are no worries of wondering what happened after it was Delivered or if indeed someone received it as scheduled without having another person keeping tabs on him/herself all hours long! The leopard courier provides the tracking id to track your parcel where is it reached.

This facility is helping to send safe comfortable. Leopard is also a different price. It’s Contained your sending items. All the details are visible on the leopard website.

Pakistan Post

Pakistan post-courier service in Pakistan

We guarantee complete confidentiality for your packages, so they are delivered securely in Pakistan or overseas without any damage.

Pakistan Post Office also has a wide variety of boxes and packaging materials available for purchase at their locations or online shop.

Pakpost offers a range of express delivery options for customers in Pakistan. Pakistan post office is Govt courier service. Pakistan post office also provides the tracking id system. The tracking id system helps you to track your parcel where is it now.

And also a facility to distribute parcels mean home delivery services. The fee of the Pakistan post office is very low because the Govt pays the salary to the desired workers. Pakistan post office also provides bill collection and Weston union services.

M&P- Muller & Phillips

M&P-Muller & Philips

Muller & Phillips is the most magnificent national and Word wide reliable courier Services Company. M&P is located more than 500+ offices in Pakistan, with approximately 1,370+ services Locations. With a self-owned aircraft, M&P have its own staff in every office.

M&P is the most magnificent national and Word wide reliable courier Services Company. It is located more than 500+ offices in Pakistan, with approximately 1,370+ services Locations. With a self-owned aircraft, M&P have its own staff in every office. Every office has its own vans, bikes for delivery.

They deliver parcels or products very safely to their destination. The fastest delivery makes it very reliable and trusted. The price of the delivery is on the official website of M&P. M&P is also provide the tracking id to track your parcel and know where is my parcel now and when it will be delivered.

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DHL Courier Service


DHL is known as the top quality courier service provider in Pakistan. It provides an international express delivery along with global freight forwarding by sea, air, road and railway while also providing warehousing solutions for repairs or mail deliveries worldwide to be available on-demand anywhere at any time 24/7 days of the week even holidays take place

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