How To Earn Money on Fiverr In Pakistan | Complete Beginner Guide

Online earning is the technique to make money with the internet. There are many ways to make money online. The sources of online earning are many, and there’s no limit on how much you earn! It depends on your skills which provide to your clients.

Many peoples are providing different skills like graphic design, website design and development, content writing, online shop, architecture, online teaching, and much more.

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan Free At Home

Earning money online is not hard. All you need to do is to use your skills and expertise to create something online. There are many ways you can make money on the internet.

There are many ways to earn money online in Pakistan, which include freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc. One of the most popular ways of earning money is freelancing on freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr where people post their project needs and offer bids for them.

How to earn money online culture is growing in Pakistan. As recently Pakistan in toped number 3 position from all over the world where people are doing freelancing and making money online from home.

According to the online field, there are many ways to get an income without any investment, but it’s not so simple. It is necessary that you know what kind of work you want and then finds out if this type of work will bring you the desired income.

But newbies looking for ideas without investment, so those people which are students, fresh graduates or new in entrepreneurship and they want to start their career without investment this guide is for those people.

Today in this article we will explain a method for online earning with no investment you can start from your home with a laptop/mobile with an internet connection.

This is a high-making money platform we are discussing Fiverr.

How To Earn Money on Fiverr In Pakistan

There are no criteria to start it depends on your skills. The best way to start online earning is to make your profile with different online earning sites. It does not depend on where you are living. All our word is searching for professional and unique talents.

They will contact you through the website and after you complete the task they will pay you online.

In this world there is so much competition, the only way to get ahead is by finding a niche and making it your own. You need to find a way to get people’s attention so that they will want to buy what you have.

For some people, this means creating an amazing or unique product. There are others who are able to make use of the abundance of freelancing websites like Fiverr in Pakistan which provide opportunities for entrepreneurs in Pakistan.


What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelancing marketplace where you can sell gigs from all over the world. It is a popular freelancing website as well. Freelancers can set up their profiles on Fiverr and offer their services to clients from all over the world.

Clients can post their requirements for assignments or projects or jobs along with the payment details in USD in INR  or Pkr so that freelancers can bid on them.

On Fiverr, you can hire a freelancer as well as work as a freelancer. You only need a few minutes to set up your Fiverr account then you can start posting your gigs. All services were priced at $5 in your initial starting account. Freelancers have their own choice to set the price per task.

It depends on skills if you have more skills then you offer much money the client will pay you happily because most of the peoples are looking for talent and professionals.

You will need to provide quality work in order to be successful on the platform.

There are a lot of people who want to generate money on Fiverr and this article will help you with the tips and tricks to not only earn money on Fiverr but also with how to make it as a career.

How Fiverr Platform Work

When you start working as a freelancer on the Fiverr platform after creating and optimizing your profile you can start promoting on social media and using paid ads as well.

When you got your 1st order your buyer will send you a request for a specific project on your gig.

Then after your competition or order, there is the section to deliver the complete work and then you can wait for a buyer to complete the order and mark the order as complete.

Fiverr charge 20% from every seller,  for example, if you got a $5 order after completion you will get $4 in your account.

This amount will need to be cleared in 14 days then you can withdraw to your Paypal or Payoneer.

Paypal is not working in Pakistan but you can sign up for Payoneer to get your payment in Pakistan. After signup yo can order a Payoneer card in Pakistan to withdraw money easily via ATM.

How To make a Fiverr Account in Pakistan

How To Make a Fiverr Account in Pakistan

You can first find your Niche/ topic you are going to create an account on Fiverr. You can start from a low competition topic do your research it will help you to stand well in the crowd.

It’s important that you remember, by default all Fiverr accounts are Buyer Accounts. But if a buyer decides to offer services on the site as well they can create their own seller account and activate it in order for it to be used at some point during sales transactions.

The following steps help you to create a Fiverr account easily:

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Click “join” on the right corner.
  • Put our accurate Gmail address/Facebook and Continue.
  • Choose an accurate Username and set up your powerful strong password and click “join”. The limit for the character is 15.
  • Now you are successfully joined. After that fiver sends you a confirmation mail through your provided email address.
  • Click on “Activate your Account “and you are successfully activated.


Seller And Buyer Profile

Seller Profile:

Seller profile in Fiverr is the most profitable way for freelancers to work on their desired projects, reach more people and earn more. It’s free to sign up and sellers can start selling services at any time with no waiting period. Your seller profile includes many different elements, such as your profile picture and bio. And more information about your skills.

After profile optimization, you can create your gigs/ service and start earning money online.

Buyer Profile:

A buyer profile is your online identity on Fiverr. When you first sign up, the system will promote you to create a buyer profile with some basic information about yourself. It includes things like your name and contact information, as well as how you plan to use the service being sold by the poster of the gig.

When you start ordering someone as a buyer you will need to attach your payment method.


How to Create New Gig on fiver:

Go to the selling menu and choose from the menu list. Select Create new Gig.

Gig overview

The first section is Gig Overview. Here you will see three boxes, each containing important information for your gigs- the title of the gig.  Category/search tags to use when searching online in addition to any other relevant keywords.

It’s crucial these details be filled out carefully as they’re what sell people right off their feet – so get writing.”

And it also helps you to explain what you facilitate. And also describe your work. This information is in front of your gig. Complete it carefully.

Packages for the New Gig to Be Created:

The three packages are as follows:

1) Basic Services Package– which includes basic services at an affordable price for new customers or those with limited experience. The level of service provided in this package will not be customizable but it is designed to give you a good idea about what types of gigs might appeal most to people who hire your business.

2) Standard Service Package – gives more flexibility than the first one since different levels can be selected based on client needs and desires making them suitable if someone wants all sorts their specialties.

3) Premium service package-which includes premium service of your experiences in this service you will provide all types of skills like adding extra features to work. And long-term changes and work for the long term.

Perfect description to your new gig:-

Next, write a description of your gig in more than 120 and less than 1200 characters. It’s your chance to show buyers what you can offer them; be creative with how they see it! Write an Eye-catching paragraph that will catch their attention from the very start. Also, write short and use searchable keywords in your description.

Requirements Tab

SO it’s a time to add some description of what you will ask from the client, so in the response, the buyer will give you an answer of that all details

For example: if you are providing a WordPress website service so you can add I will need Login details of WordPress to start working on your project.

So after placing an order buyer will see this requirement and he/she will send you.


This is an important section to add Media in the form of images and videos.

You can also a PDF to your gig media section for more details. After doing these all steps next you can publish your gig and promote o social media platforms to get instant order

This will help you to rank in the Fiverr search.

I hope you will like this guide Thanks for reading


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