How To Earn Money on Fiverr In Pakistan | Complete Beginner Guide

How to earn money on Fiverr in Pakistan? The question is rising day by day from last few years considering situations and public interest on Online or Freelance platforms.

In recent years, Pakistan has emerged as a significant player in the global freelancing market. A large pool of educated, skilled and talented individuals offering a range of services on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Beside that, Linkedin, X (Previous Twitter), Facebook etc. are also different mediums to present services online.

Fiverr earning

For Youth in Pakistan who wanted to adopt their online business, Fiverr, a leading online marketplace, has provided countless opportunities for individuals to showcase their skills and earn a sustainable income.

If you’re looking to capitalize on this platform, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make money on Fiverr in Pakistan in 2024.

Introduction to Fiverr

Fiverr is an online medium marketplace that connects freelancers with clients who want to seek various digital services, ranging from SEO, Digital marketing, Graphic design, Programming etc. to writing and marketing.

Online freelance service refers to individuals that offer their skills and services remotely (at home or in their offices) through digital platforms, that provides flexibility and accessibility to both freelancers (Sellers) and their clients (Buyers).

Compares to other platforms, Fiverr stands out because of its user-friendly interface, global reach, and diverse range of services, making it an attractive platform for freelancers worldwide, including those in Pakistan.

Getting Started on Fiverr (Sign up on Fiverr)

Creating an Account

To begin, You as an individual need to sign up for a Fiverr account by using an email or social media accounts, by providing basic information and verifying their identity.

At the time you click “Create A New GIG,” it will ask you to enter a few things. You have to follow this way to write information that fiverr requires while posting a new gig.

Whatever you write here as gig title, it will start with “I Will.” You will write your title like this: “be your social media manager.”

After that on category option, select the perfect category and subcategory that suits the best service you are offering. Choose the options that are related to your expertise. Then enter keywords that will help your gig stand out and rank higher.

Choosing a Niche or Service to Offer

Freelancers in Pakistan are offering lots of services on Fiverr, but you should go for that service in which you can give your best to the client. Make the best Gig to showcase your skill and keep the price reasonable to grab the client. Here, I will share some of the most demanding skills you can add to your Gig:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Editting
  • App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Graphic Designing
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant

These are considered as Macro niches about the particular categories. In addition, there are further sub niches or micro niches for the services you offer. If you are new, don’t worry, learn even only one talent (Micro niche), make a profile of that service on Fiverr, and start to offer your service to make money on Fiverr in Pakistan.

Optimizing Your Profile for Visibility (To Attract buyers)

After you have created your gig or gigs, it is necessary to optimize them to make them stand out. To make it eye-catching and buyers friendly, you need to add attractive images or videos that showcase your work specialities. Optimize your gig titles and descriptions with relevant keywords. These practices help your gigs to attract potential clients and increases buyer’s satisfaction and authenticity on your gig among the many options available on Fiverr.

How many Gigs I can generate on my Fiverr Account?

You can generate maximum up to 5 gigs on an account on your Fiverr account if you have expertise and vast knowledge of your service field. If you are a beginner, you need to generate maximum upto 3 gigs, establish them strongly and then progress to 5 gigs of your service?

Competition Analysis

As a beginner, you don’t need to worry about so many gigs and services that are present on Fiverr about your service. You need to follow this step and analyse those gigs that are recent and find out what they are doing to avail client and analyse with your gig. This will help you to build your strong gig.

The Pakistani freelancing market is competitive due to their reasonable charges and effective services that attracts buyers here in this country. But there are a number of opportunities and clause that you as an expert can fulfill by offering high-quality services and leveraging their unique strengths. Try to be the best in providing those services.

Receiving Payment Method in Detail

You can receive payment from Fiverr in Pakistan Using Paypal and Payoneer.

Paypal an international payment wallet you can use to withdraw money from Fiverr but unfortunately, this service is blocked in Pakistan and the alternative wallet you can use is Payoneer.

How To Sign Up for Payoneer?

Payoneer is a global payment method, so it’s better to Sign up on Payoneer. In order to sign up on Payoneer, you need a bank account. After creating your bank You can simply Sign up On Payoneer to receive payment.

For Creating a Bank Account you can Choose Meezan Bank, United Bank (UBL) which will be required to signup on Payoneer. Now Jazzcash also provides a feature to link your Payoneer to JazzCash and transfer fund from Payoneer to Jazzcash.

After creating your Payoneer account and then Go to Your Fiverr profile Earning Tab there will be a Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Option you can select a Fiverr revenue card which is a Payoneer, and then fill in the required details.

After successful attachment of Payoneer Account, you can withdraw money from a Fiverr account to Payoneer.

Payoneer prepaid card transaction fees is very High. I recommend you to Attach local bank account and then you can easily transfer money from Payoneer to local bank and then Withdraw it.

For detailed answer, visit my answer here

Tips for Success on Fiverr in Pakistan

As a beginner Freelancer, you should research market rates and adjust service pricing accordingly to remain in competition while ensuring your and their services that reflect their skill level and value.

An experienced portfolio that showcases past work and skills will generate confidence and trust in potential clients that are buyers. Try to demonstrate proficient and reliable work that you have done already to deliver quality results.

Clear and timely communication is crucial for establishing trust and understanding buyer’s need and requirements from you. This will lead to a successful collaboration and positive feedback.

Utilizing features like Gig packages, promotions, and Fiverr Pro can enhance visibility, attract more clients, and unlock additional earning opportunities.

Challenges You Face and Can Overcome as Freelancer

Dealing with Language Barriers

In online platforms, language barrier is the major problem to effectively communicate with clients. You need to have knowledge about particular language to properly communicate and understand the concept or demand of client.

Effective communication strategies, including using translation tools and improving language skills will help freelancers overcome language barriers when working with international clients.

You can use the tools or apps like Google Translate, Duolingo (Trusted Language learning app) and other different platforms to overcome this barrier.

Handling Payment Issues

Sometimes during early or inexperience days, you will face this problem. To avoid this issue, you need to Familiarize (Understand) with Fiverr’s payment system and policies.

This includes withdrawal methods and processing times, that will help freelancers understand, navigate and resolve payment-related issues effectively.

Managing Time Zones

As freelancer(seller), you need to set your timetable according to buyer’s (client) demand or any particular region where you want to sell your services.

Adapting to different time zones requires freelancers to establish clear communication schedules with clients(buyers) and manage their time efficiently to meet deadlines and maintain professional relationships.


In conclusion to summarize key takeaways, including the importance of optimizing profile to offer competitive services and effectively navigating challenges to gain success on Fiverr in Pakistan.

Encouraging aspiring freelancers in Pakistan to leverage their skills, seize opportunities on Fiverr, and persist in pursuing their goals despite challenges, with determination and resilience.

Emphasizing the vast potential for Pakistani freelancers to earn a sustainable income and build successful careers on Fiverr, with dedication, skill development, and strategic planning.

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