How To Check Laptop Generation In 3 Easy Methods 2023

Many people will visit their local computer store to get a computer built for their needs. One of the things that they may learn is that computers are grouped into generations, which determine their performance and price.

The generation refers to how old or new the model is and can range from being classed as a Generation 1 laptop to being considered a Generation 10 laptop.

Computer prices have also increased. Every year it seems that the newest generation of computers is coming out and this makes people wonder if it is worth buying a new computer.

The price of a computer depends on the generation of the device being sold, so to avoid spending too much, one must determine in advance what type of device they want in order to find a compatible price range in a local store.

That’s why everyone needs to know about the generation of laptops. This article guides you on how to check laptop generation in the different and easiest methods.


How To Find a New Generation Based Laptop

Processors are the brains of computers. Processor manufacturers like Intel and AMD create new processors for newer generation laptops all the time.

With the introduction of the Generation processor, many people are wondering what this new technology is all about, how it will affect the current computing landscape, and what’s coming up next.

The generation of the laptop is also described the new technology and new version of laptops when you want to know a good and magnificent laptop then you must check the processor version or generation of the laptop then latest version describes the latest version of a laptop.


How To Check Generation of Laptop

How To Check Laptop Generation?

There are some methods to check laptop generation we can prefer the following easiest methods to use.

 1st Method How To Check Generation of Laptop

  • Right-click on “This-pc” or “My computer” and scroll down to press properties
  • After that, you will see Complete Computer specifications.
  • You will see the details in which in my case is Intel Core i7-6500U,
  • Now check about generation, after i7, the first letter is 6, which means it is a 6th generation processor and the Intel(R) represents that Board is Intel.

Remember, that method only works on Intel processors.



How To Check The Generation of Laptop

2nd Method: How To Check The Generation of Laptop

You can find the same details in the Task Manager,

  • Right-click on the taskbar bottom line.
  • Click on Task Manager
  • Now Click > Performance >
  • Under CPU Tab you will see all the information
  • Again Intel Core i7-6500U mean its 6th generation of laptop



How To Know Generation of Laptop

3rd Method: How To Know Generation of Laptop

  • And the third method to find computer generation is to click on the start menu and type RUN.
  • ENTER the DXDIAG And hit enter
  • Direct-X is open with full detail of your computer in which there is Processor Line contain Data, also see there is  Intel Core i7-6500U means 6th generation laptop.






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