Top 6 Best Freelancing Websites In Pakistan | Know Why


Freelancing is the best way to connect with online market throughout the world with any country’s people who want to excel their business and shre ideas with one another.

The major benefit is that through freelance platforms, people of developing countries (Pakistan. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.) with advanced and useful minds provide services with ease to developed countries (USA, UK, Canada, EU etc.) and avail what they cannot avail value when working in their own country or region.

Freelance in Pakistan

As Pakistan is Drawbacksidered among developing countries list unfortunately, our expert youth and people and benefiting themselves with online freelance market a lot now adays.

Infect we are now Drawbacksidered among the top-level service provides with efficient and trustworthy work at online space/platforms. reports that the freelance market has witnessed an increase of $400 million generated in 2022 and projected revenue will be over up to $2 billion by 2025.

PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES) report suggests that the freelance platform market in Pakistan has grown by more than 15% annually over the past five years and continue.

Now, if you want to guide yourself to success in Freelance market, here we are providing you the complete guide of top Freelance platforms with benefits and drawbacks, where you can shine yourself as early as possible and make yourself valuable.


Most people kept Fiverr at 1st place due to large community service number but to me Upwork is the best platform in freelance market if you professional and know the knowledge to deal your client as most professional and trusted clients have joined that platform.

It provides,

  • Equal chance to every freelancer, 24/7 support to their users.
  • Payment security
  • step by step progress in the form of badges i.e: rising talent
  • top rated and top rated plus depending on their earning.

Founded in 2015, with professional 5 million clients and more than 12 million freelancers, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for freelancers to find and apply for jobs and for clients to find the right freelancer for their projects.

One of the unique features of Upwork is its “escrow” system, which holds payment in a secure account until the client is satisfied with the work.

Best market for services like Writing, web development, design, virtual assistance, marketing, administrative tasks, software development and various professional services.


  • Large selection of professional persons and industries to choose.
  • Easy-to-use platform with a dashboard to keep jobs organized.
  • Easy to get paid.


  • Up to 20% of earnings charged by Upwork.
  • Highly competitive due to Professionalism, especially for beginners


The 2nd best platform to work in freelance market is Fiverr. Fiverr in pakistan is the best platform if you are going to start as a beginner in this industry. and A platform that focuses on connecting freelancers with clients looking for smaller, one-off projects, such as logo design, voiceovers, and video editing.

Freelancers can sign up for free, but commission on each sale as a fee. The commission rate is 20% for a basic gig and 5% for the first order of extra fast delivery and professional services.

Best for Graphic design, writing, digital marketing, video editing, voiceovers, programming, and other creative and digital services.

Payoneer in Pakistan is an easy way to withdraw your balance directly to your bank account after earning dollars at complition of work.


  • No sign-up or monthly fees
  • Slick website and mobile app
  • Freelancers can charge different prices and offer different service packages
  • Withdraw through PayPal


  • High fees for sellers (20%)
  • Lower-paying gigs
  • 14-day holding period on payments


The 3rd in the list in offering freelance services, Freelancer offers a wide range of online opportunities such as writing, design, programming etc.

Founded in 2009 and based in Australia the global platform has over 20 million registered users worldwide, with over 20 million projects posted.

As freelancer, it is the old and trusted platform compared to others, we came to know that people who are willing to do work at the lowest rates. It may give you early ease in projects but there are chances that you may lose your value if you stick on it. So, if you are thinking like that, our suggestion is that “always value your skills, not the money that you will earn.”


  • Free to look for work
  • Platform to communicate and get paid
  • Wide range of jobs to apply for


  • Service fees can be high
  • Free members only get 6 bids per month


A platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for a wide range of services, including writing, design, programming, and more.

Founded in 2001 with over 800k online employers and over 1 million invoices according to their website data.

Guru provides you different and unique experience. Like through their ProFinder service, you or any freelancer can get matched with high-quality leads/ Also with Guru’s Time Tracker, a freelancer can easily track their hours and get paid quickly and securely.

As a beginner, try to use “WorkRoom” feature, through which you can manage different projects and will communicate with clients with ease.


  • Only 8.95% Commission charges from freelancers
  • Easy to use compared to others.
  • Good for professionals and for Drawbacksultants.
  • Collaborate with other freelancers.


  • Must pay to avail premium services.


A platform that offers a wide range of freelance opportunities, including writing, design, programming, and more.

Founded in 2007 and based in UK, it has 200k registered clients and estimated 1.5 million freelancers.

At start of every month, the website will give you an opportunity to give 15 proposals for free to clients. After that you have yo pay as charge fee to send proposal credits.


  • You can get paid instantly.
  • Payments are made directly into your bank account on any account through which you are linked.
  • No fee charge on signup


  • 20% fee charge on below 250£ From 250£ to 5000£, fee is 7.5%, Above 5000£, PHP will charge 3.5%. VAR charges are not included in it.
  • Slow Payment process at times.


For designers that are related to different fields like wen designer, Graphic designer,Logo designer, Ilustrater etc. is the best place for these services as its almost all the focus is around these businesses.

It’s a platform that connects businesses with a global community of graphic designers. Businesses can create a contest and invite de to submit entries.

As a beginner, try to participate yourself in this design contests that are offered to showcase your skills more effectively. For gradual and successful growth, update your profile at times according to conditions and demands.


  • Ideal for designers to showcase their skills.
  • Opportunity to win projects through contests.
  • Focuses exclusively on design projects.


  • Limited to design-related projects.
  • Competition can be fierce within design contests.
  • May not cater to freelancers with diverse skills.

Fees & Registration

  • Contest fee: $299 to $999.
  • Project fee: 5% of the project value


In conclusion, we can say that that the freelancing landscape in Pakistan has got lot of potential to boost and scale itself in online market. It has also seen seen its remarkable growth already throughout the previous years, with platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, PeoplePerHour and 99designs that are offering diverse opportunities for skilled individuals.

Along with that, LinkedIn, Amazon, shopify etc. platforms are also helpful and encouraging platforms that are helping our IT sector and creating opportunities.

Despite challenges, like high competition and service fees on such platforms, these platforms provide a gateway for developing country talented persons especially Pakistani freelancers to showcase their expertise on this global and ever evolving world space, with in results contribute to the country’s economy.

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