Cnic Number Bio Data | Step By Step Guide

In today’s modern world, there is a need for everyone to have their own identity. In Pakistan, the CNIC is one of the most important forms of identification. The CNIC has all the information needed for finding out about an individual.

The CNIC is a card issued by the Pakistani National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for any citizen of Pakistan.

The card is used to prove the nationality of the individual, and therefore grant access to benefits such as opening a bank account or obtaining a passport much more.

The CNIC allows for easy identification of an individual and has been used by Pakistani authorities in order to improve their monitoring capabilities.

If someone does not have a CNIC, then they cannot access many things such as healthcare, education, employment opportunities, and even basic human rights.

If you go to any NADRA office to signup a cnic you will be asked to verify your Identity first in order to create your CNIC in Nadra, these are very important if you have no existing verifications they will not perform your application.

How do I check my Cnic Number and Bio Data?

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is Pakistan’s governing authority responsible for the registration of the population. It is responsible for issuing CNICs, which are required to access most public services in Pakistan. Pakistani citizens can check their CNIC using some ways.

Cnic Number bio Data online

Bio data is the personal information that is compiled in an individual for national security purposes.

If you are looking to find id card number information you can do this via 2 methods


1st Method To Check CNIC Details online

  • Visit NADRA official website
  • On Identity Tracking page you can check your cnic bio data


how to check cnic detail

2nd Method How To Check Cnic Detail

In this method, you have to check via your mobile

  • Go to your Message tab
  • Write your CNIC number
  • Send to 7000
  • After a message Nadra will back with a message with Cnic data
  • But this will charge you PKR 10



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