What is Search Engine Optimization | SEO in 2021

Today there are multiple blogs of people that post it on daily basis to give updated content to readers. But the main point is to get the audience / Traffic to your blog. Search Engine Optimization is the most used technique. Many of the people as a beginner want to know about the SEO. So, we will share our best experience with you, about Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO also is known as Search Engine Optimization is used as a technique used to Rank your site in search engines and get organic traffic. Basically, the Search engine means Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc these are search engines in which people search daily.

Search Engine is further classified into two categories: Off-page SEO and On-Page SEO.


On-page SEO is referred to all such things and efforts used on the content of the website for ranking the pages high on the search engine. In this type of SEO includes steps such as

  • Titles Optimization
  • Url Structure
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image Optimization
  • Headings (H1-H6)
  • Inbound and Outbound Links
  • Keyword Density
  • Content-Length

OFF page SEO

Now Coming towards Off-page SEO, the technique which is applied off the website for increasing the traffic from search engines. This type of methodology includes

  • Link building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Guest post
  • Pdf Links


How To Do On-Page Search Engine Optimization: 

Let discuss all the on-page SEO techniques one by one


1: Titles Optimization:
The first and most important thing for the higher ranking of a website/blog by using On-page Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of the title.
Try to use your Focus keyword inside the title or at the beginning of the Blog post title it will represent your blog post in the search engine. Make your Title more attractive and use some Numbers such as
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Make Your blog post title under 50-60 characters it’s more Search engine friendly.


2. URL Structure:

URL(Uniform Source Locater) of a page also play an important role in the traffic of the website. Search Engines first checks the keywords in the title of the post and then in the URL of that blog post, which means URL structure is important in terms of SEO.

Try to use your Focus Keyword in the URL this is the second most important area for a keyword. URL of the post should be search engine friendly(Easy Understandable ) so that your website can be easily ranked higher on any of the search engines.

Make your URL clean and the most recommended URL structure in WordPress is Post Name.


3. Meta Descriptions:

Meta Descriptions are the combination of some important words which represent your post in search engine results. Most people don’t use meta descriptions which lead to low ranking in Search Engines.

The most important area to use a target keyword after  Post title, URL is  Meta description.
Make your meta description more eye-catching which shows that all the guidelines related to the topic are available for readers.

Most people use irrelevant meta descriptions which don’t help your blog to get organic traffic.

The Meta description is the text which is shown under the title and link of the page which is shown in the search engine.

We suggest you, for using text which is related to the keywords used within the content of the page.


4: Image Optimization:


It is highly recommended by all of the search engines to use the content relevant image in the post for easy indexing. Using the image in the content gives a visual representation of your website on Search Engine.

For getting a higher ranking, it is also suggested that Alt Text and Description of the image must be included with the keyword used in the content.

The keyword used in the post should be used once in the Alt Text of the image. In the case of using an image from another source, we suggest you give the credit or source for the image in the description of the image.

Include Focus Keyword in the Alt text Area of the image will increase the chances of traffic because if you use Alt text with the target keyword it will have more chances to show in the Feature snippet.


A featured snippet is an area you see on the top of the Search Engine result.


5: Headings

Headings are considered more User-friendly to use in a blog post. Use Your focus keyword in Heading one time in H1 and H2.

Try to make a good structure of your blog post the which will include the combination of H1 TO H6 which will be more helpful for readers. Your article will be considered more Qualitative in time when search engine crawlers read your blog post and read Your Blog Title, URL, Alt Text and Then heading include your target keyword.

Crawlers will consider this Quality content that here is something that needs to rank on this Target keyword.


6: Inbound and Outbound Link

These are all related to the interlinking of your blog post.


Inbound Link:

These types of links include links to your own blog post already publish.  It’s a sign of more conversion rate and Pageviews. Link your relevant helpful article in your blog post to increase pageviews.


Outbound Link:

These type of link contain links to other website mean you can link other people website in your own blog post to help readers to find more content related to your post.

It will improve your Post authority that you are helping your readers to provides the solution.


7: Keyword Density:

Keywords density are an important factor that plays a vital role in the ranking of the post. We are getting so many queries from people that they are using keywords, but their traffic isn’t increasing. Here is the answer to those people.

Keyword density is the most probable problem for those who use the keyword but not exactly as Search Engines recommends. Most of the popular Search Engines recommend using the keyword of 2% in the content.

Using higher or lower keyword decrease the chances of the higher ranking of the site on search engines. Sometimes search Engines ban such sites which are violating their policies in terms of keyword density.


8: Content-Length

Content length directly means the size of your blog post that how many words of the blog post you publish in your blog. It matters a lot if we discuss more ranking factors. Today there is a competition on many keywords, that’s why Long Content length will help you to rank well.

I see an infographic of the search engines that what are the maximum number of content lengths will rank in search engines easily.

I notice a point that a content length between 2000-2500 is the average length by which many posts are rank in search engines.

How To do Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:

Now let’s move towards the second category of Search engine optimization which is Off-page search engine optimization.
  • Link building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Photo Sharing
  • Article Submission
  • PSF Links


1: Link Building

Link Building also knows as backlinks are the most important and the highest-ranking factor in off-page Seo. Backlinks mean links from another website, which will increase your domain authority and Page authority.

By Domain Authority and Page authority, your post will be rank well in search engines. After onsite optimization link building is the most important thing to do for your site.


2: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking are another important things to do for your website if you want search engine ranking. Go to every social network including FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, LINKEDIN, QUORA, MEDIUM and lots more and give a link to your site.


3. Photo sharing:

Photo sharing is the most common and easy way to promote your website. In order to get a high rank with photo sharing, you need to add attractive and decent photographs to your website and then share those photos on popular photo-sharing websites such as Photo Bucket, Picasa, Pinterest, and Flicker, etc.

When you share the photos on the photo-sharing website then people can see the photographs and easily approach your website.

4. Article Submission:

You can drive traffic toward your site with the help of article submission. If you are good at writing, you can easily write an article for your website and then submit those articles to the most popular article directory sites such as Now Public, Go article and Ezine, etc.

5: PDF Links

Pdf link is all about writing helpful content in the form of portable documents formate as PDF and submit those pdf files to file-sharing websites.


6: Infographics Submission

For infographics submission, you need little Graphics skills or you can also create clean and beautiful graphics using the Canva tool and then submit those infographics to the infographics submission site.

The results when someone finds your infographics and like it they will visit your site for more related content that’s a backlink for your site



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