Vidiq Boost How to Upgrade from Basic to Boost

VidIQ Boost – How To Upgrade from Basic to Boost

There are different Tool available in the market to rank your youtube video and get more views on Youtube In this article, we will study Vidiq Boost that how you can Upgrade from basic to Boost.

Only Creating different videos and upload it on youtube is not make a Good Youtuber, with the Best strategy, Keyword setup, Tags, Description etc will make your videos rank faster and you will grow well on Youtube.

What is VidIQ

VidIQ is an Enterprise level optimization Tool used to optimize your youtube channel videos by finding the best keywords, tags for your video to rank well in search engine. VidIQ Tool chrome extension provides you the functionality to use this tool for your Youtube channel.

How To Install VidIQ Tool

You can start Vidiq Tool just by Following these Tips

  1. Go to chrome extension and Search For VidIQ
  2. Click on Add to Chrome
  3. And then check your Browser Extensions to see VidIQ


VidIQ Free VS Boost

You can Use VIDIQ free version for your channel to gain more view but if you want to upgrade from free to boost you can Buy VIDIQ Pro license from the site.

VidIQ Tool offer

49$ for 1 CHANNEL
79$ for 3 channel and
145$ for 5 channels

But I have a coupon of Vidiq By which you can Simply upgrade from basic to Boost version and used it for 1 month free. if you want Coupon code and All the detail click on below Link



Upgrade From Free to Boost

In case you want to Upgrade your Vidiq Basic to Boost follow the following steps

  1. Sign in to Your Account
  2. Click on Upgrade Button
  3. Select for Monthly 1 Channel
  4. Now Enter Coupon code
  5.  Click on 49$/Month Button
  6.  You will Find Vidiq Free After Coupon
  7.  Fill Payment Detail Which I Sent you
  8.  Click On Pay

and You will redirect to Successfully upgraded to VIDIQ Boost

Follow These Screenshots





You can upgrade from basic to boost for 1 month using this method Enjoy

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