Popular Tools To Use As a Blogger – Blogging Tips

Popular Tools To Use As a Blogger – Blogging Tips

Every author, amateur or skilledhas to acquire new ways in which to expand their writing techniques and make great contents.  Here we will discuss Tools To use as a blogger.

So, if you want to be a good blogger and write effective content there are some popular tools which might improve your experience with blogging. Here could be a list of some essential on-line writing tools which helps you in blogging.


What do you need Tools?

In today and advance technique world to do a thing manually is just a waste of time,  Tool will help nearly to achieve your goals. In blogging to do all things manually will take your time as compared if you can use a tool to make better experience with quality.

There is a different tool available but we share useful and some free tool that will help you in your blogging career.

Table Of Content

  1. Hubspot Topic Generator
  2. Portent’s Idea Generator
  3. Keywords Planner
  4. Canva
  5. Article Rewrite
  6. Grammarly
  7. Yoast SEO plugin
  8. Google Webmaster Tool
  9. SEO Tool for Seo Checker
  10. Google Analytics


Tool To Use As a Blogger :

1: Hubspot Topic Generator

If you are trying to find a tool that gives you an idea or generate a topic for your blog  HUBSPOT GENERATOR  is Most effective For You.

SITE: www.hubspot.com

2: Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool is useful and also my in the favourite list is incredibly simple to use. you only got to enter your plan and PORTENT’S CONTENT IDEA GENERATOR  can offer you with an excellent title for your post. And if you don’t just like the title, refresh your subject, and it’ll provide you with a distinct title instantly.

SITE: www.portent.com

3: Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a tool owned by Google. This tool is very popular in the world for finding the best keyword searches. If you are trying to find effective and better keyword I recommend you to use Keyword planner. It’s easy to use and completely Free of Cost.

SITE: www.adwords.google.com

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4: Canva

Canva is a tool used to create a different type of graphics as a blogger. You can use canva to create Thumbnails, Cover, Ads, Flyers and different types of Graphics.

Canva tool contains built-in template Icon Shapes by which you can just easyt drag and drop your graphics. Canva can provide you with free access to use this tool also you can purchase the Pro version to use it in depth. 

SITE: www.canva.com

5: Article Rewrite

Blog need unique and real content in the blog post. Google has high security, if Google Robots find your article copyright and your Adsense is already attached with your blog then there is a possibility to get banned.

So if you want to copy articles from other blogs then it’s a better idea to rewrite that article using Article rewriter which will change the word of an existing article with related words and make your article unique Then post it on Blog.

To rewrite your article click below.

SITE:  www.smallseotools.com

6: Grammarly

Grammarly is special tool used by many bloggers, Grammarly is a simple extension you can install in your chrome browser to access its features. Through Grammarly, you can Correct your spelling of article, Remove any type of Grammatical Error from your blog post.

Grammarly free version will Provide limited features if you can upgrade it from free to pro you will access some decent features.

SITE: app.grammarly.com


7: Yoast SEO Plugin:

SEO is the backbone of a website which will generate huge traffic from search engine. If you are working on blogger you can’t access Yoast because it’s a WordPress plugin, you can use this plugin as a WordPress blogger.

The plugin like Yoast SEO will do all the basic SEO of your website such as Title Meta tags, Inbound Link, Outbound Link, Focus keyword, alt text in the image, etc.

For instant result and onsite search engine optimization of a blog post, I will highly recommend using Yoast SEO plugin for your blog.


SITE: www.yoast.com


8: Google WebMaster Tool

Google webmaster is important tool for a blogger. Using this tool you can check 

  1. visiters come from Google search engine 
  2. Structure your data in Google search
  3. Check crawler error in Blog.
  4. Indexing Of Blog post

9: SEO Tool For SEO Checker:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is very important for Blog. With SEO you can make your blog ranked in Search engine like google, bing, etc.
If you have a new blog and want traffics from search engine called organic Traffics then SEO is the most effective thing for your blog. smallseotools.com is a website that checks your blog SEO  Score then easily you can set all the requirements.
Check your Blog Seo…
SITE: www.smallseotools.com

10: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a product of Google mainly used for tracking your site Visitor. As we are discussing tool for bloggers then we can’t stop without google analytics.

Google Analytics is aweb application by submitting your site after 48Hours it will start tracking your visitors. This tool will help you to check your Actual time and visitors on a daily, weekly monthly and lifetime bases.

SITE: analytics.google.com

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