.Net vs .Com Different Between Domain Extensions

Net vs Com Different Between Domain Extensions


Net vs Com : Domain name is the virtual presence of your Company on the internet, choosing the right domain name for your business, Company, Website/blog need some factors to follow. A Professional domain name has a positive impact on your brand. Let discuss more about the difference between net vs com extensions.


Table Of Contents

  1. Whats is a Domain Extension
  2. Whats is Top-level Domain
  3. How to choose a domain name
  4. Difference Between .net vs .com
  5. When to choose a .com Domain
  6. When to choose a .net Domain
  7. .net vs .com Which is better for SEO


What is a Domain Extension

A Domain extension is the last part of the domain name occurs after .dot to the right side of any domain name.

For example:

wordpressstories.com In this domain example WordPress stories is a keyword and.COM is a domain Extension.

There are different domain extension available you can choose any of them according to your desire and country targeting, but let me tell you that .com is the TLD (Top level domain) name currently 46% of the businesses are running on this domain extension.


Here are some of the Top-level domain list and their purposes

.com is a Top-level domain extension best to Company websites to target global users.

.net is a second top-level domain Extension Useful for Service provider and networks

.Gov This domain extension is useful for Government organization

.org This extension is better for Organizations.

.edu Is Best for educational website




What is a Top-level Domain Name

TLD also is known as Top-level domain are selected due to its extension which occurs right side after the .dot. The domain is further divided into 2 categories gTLD and ccTLD.

Generic Top-level Domain:

Generic Top-level domains are top Quality domain names such as .Com .net .org .edu .org

Country Code Top Level Domain

These are domain which contains domain extensions directly target the country such as .Pk .Uk .In .au


Difference between net vs com

These are two separate extensions if a domain name, COM is mostly used for blogs, Websites, Personal portfolio, etc websites while NET is used for a Network or service provider.


How To Choose a Domain Name

The time when you decide to purchase a domain name keep some factors in mind to choose the right domain name such as

  • Use keyword in Domain name
  • Keep your domain name short
  • Avoid dash and Hyphens in domain
  • Avoid numbers in domain
  • Choose an attractive domain name

When To Choose a COM Domain Name

In the starting of every business needs Hard work and determination to achieve success, Today there is a digital world which is the best opportunity for businesses to grow well online.

A successful business needs an eye-catching website and a Top-level domain name. In a time when choosing a domain name I will recommend choosing a .COM extension domain because this is the right choice of many businesses already running in the market.

In total 100% website domains, 46% of the domain has .COM extension due to its easy and professional Look.

.COM domain will give an easy way for anyone to remember and Search your business.


When To Choose a NET extension Domain

The second top-level domain is .net this is the choice of many businesses which give Services like Domains, Hosting, Database service or something related.

Sometimes when you search and select a keyword for the domain and find that is already taken in .COM extension then here .net extension gives opportunity if it’s available in .net extension purchase that one with the same keyword.


net Vs Com Which one is best for SEO

Sometimes people query on facebook groups that which one to choose .com or .net to rank faster and higher in search engine.

So let me explore that there is a minor difference between these two extensions, the Search engine will treat both of the domain websites equally But a minor difference is when people search on a search engine for a certain guide they see many results.

Its a Psychology of a user that feels more comfortable to click on .COM domain result more than a .net and others that’s why you will get a better CTR(Click through rate) on .com domain.

This is a game-changing technique when your site gets more click than a competitor rank on an upper position But with the time you will beat that website and you will be rank on top.

So that’s why its a choice of many Clever bloggers to get .COM domain names for higher result in search engines.


SILENT TIPS: If you don’t want to lose your company branding and name purchase both the .com and .net extension domain for your company.

One will be your Primary domain and redirect the second one to First one it will save your company branding and no one will Purchase that domain which is on your company name keyword.


Best Places To Buy a Domain Name

Today there are multiple Domain service providers to purchase a domain online in which some of the names are given below

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Namecheap
  4. Bluehost
  5. Site ground



There is a minor difference between the user searching psychology otherwise there is no such difference in Search engine optimization of both the net vs com extensions.

But if you are thinking of choosing a domain name then we clearly stated all the factors in the guide.


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