Most Effective Way To Get High Rank in Google

Most Effective Way To Get High rank On Google

More time and cash is wasted by not doing things the correct way as search engine like google want. To get high rankings in Google’s search engine you need to follow some important guideline  In this article, we  will discuss how to get high rank on google

 Follow these Steps To Get High rank On Google

Step 1: Understand The Idea of  (SEO) 

If you are working as a blogger you can drive traffic website using social media platform its hard thing but SEO is the best technique for blogger which will save much time and you will get a better result with time without working day by day.  

Step 2: Keyword Research

As you know in the blogging world your blog ranking depends on your keyword. The best your keyword research more your blog will be rank in Search Engines. Keep this step in mind that if you want to start working as a blogger then its important step to finding Ranking keyword mean Best keyword research.

Today there’s heavy competition on profitable niche topics that’s why you need to be smarter and find the keyword which has High searches and Low competition it will be more helpful to rank your blog in search engine

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Step 3: How to Judge the Value of a Keyword?

Most Effective Way To Get High rank On Google is a keyword. For your blog better ranking you should do better keyword research. For best keyword research you can use popular tools like Keyword Planner, Moz Tool, Ahrefs tool.  The keyword can drive relevant visitors to your website. But ask a question from yourself is this keyword is helpful for me.

Now the thing is how you can judge the value of your keyword. There is no tool that can show you your keyword ranking, how many its useful for your site but during your research check the Monthly searches of keyword with Competition.

If a keyword has high monthly searches on the search engine but High competition then it’s hard for you to rank on that keyword. To rank, your keyword uses a low competition keyword.

There is a technique available many bloggers use to find the best keyword  Use Allintitle: before you keyword it will show all the site which use that particular keyword in the title also Use Inurl:  tag before you keyword you will find site which uses that keyword in blog post url.


Step 4: Write an SEO Article

You will find many blogs that are working consistently on the blog with Long and quality blog post but not following the exact method which search engine recommends to include in blog post such as  Use you Keyword in Title, Url, First paragraph under 100 words, In subheading, Alt tags and in the ending of site blog post

By following these important areas of the blog post you will see an amazing change in your website ranking in search engine.

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