How To Make a Youtube Intro Free and Easy

Make a Youtube Intro Free and Easy


There are lots of people in the world which are using youtube as a hobby or a source of Income. Youtube is a great way to earn money now e days by doing Unique and Quality Content. There are many people from many countries that have to manage a successful youtube channel. In this article, we will cover make a youtube intro free and easy.

Youtube is a video sharing the world 2nd search engine people can make tutorials, videos, lectures as according to his favourite hobby like cricket, cartoon, lectures of computers, mobile etc there are many topics.

As a YouTuber, you will work hard to create a unique video that is not present anywhere on youtube.

So if you have a youtube channel and want to earn money you need hard-work to make videos for channel try for unique contents because everyone needs unique content new trick.  

What is Youtube Intro

As youtube intro should be very short with using your logo and branding. The main purpose is to show your LogoChanel name and Slogan within the Animated form to attract the visitor.

It’s important that you know your viewers interest about you and your business so they keep coming back for a more great value.


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Why You Need To Make a Youtube Intro

Youtube channel without youtube intro and outro are not created their image in front of viewers. Intro and outro are looking professional, it’s more effective and it Shows your interest in Your Content.

 Make a Youtube Intro Free Using Camtasia 9:

You can create youtube intro using different Tool and software which will give you the functionality to make a youtube intro. You can use software to create intro by yourself or you can download Some template of youtube Animater.

They provide a free template Just Use your name and logo and Done.

There are lots of youtube animator which will give free template if you want to Click here To use some templates free from Youtube.

You can use Editing software such as 

  • Camtasia,
  • Filmora
  • Sony Vegas Pro 
  • Adobe after effect, 
  • Adobe premier etc

You can use the website to create intro website such as Penzoid etc with the help of these all you can create a video intro and use in youtube channel and make money from your youtube channel.


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