How To Install WordPress on Cpanel

How To Install WordPress on Cpanel


Install WordPress on Cpanel: WordPress is open source provide a free setup on WordPress official site to use it on any project. WordPress installation is easy but sometimes error occurs in the process but don’t worry in this guide we will cover how to install WordPress on Cpanel.

In this article, you will learn two ways to install WordPress setup

  • How to install WordPress Manually in Cpanel
  • how to install WordPress with softaculous


Method: How To Install WordPress on Cpanel

Cpanel is a hosting control panel from which you can control and manage the website. You can add edit and delete anything related to your website such as Themes, Plugins, Database, Email, etc

There are two ways to install WordPress on Cpanel such as

  • Install WordPress Manually
  • Install WordPress Through softaculous

how To Install WordPress Manually in Cpanel

You can install WordPress on Cpanel using software and also using manual here is a method by which you can install WordPress manually using below step by step instruction.

Let move towards guide follow these steps

Install WordPress

  • Login to your Cpanel
  • Go To Your Domain folder in File Manager
  • Upload WordPress Setup from PC
  • Extract Setup  and all the file will be load
install wordpress on cpanel
install wordpress on cpanel


Create User and Database

  • Go to Mysql Database section and create a new database
  • Create a user for the Database
  • Add user in Database
  • Give all privileges to user
  • Click Make Changes
install wordpress on cpanel
create a database in Cpanel
install wordpress on cpanel
create a user in the database
install wordpress on cpanel
add a user in the database

WordPress Configuration

After doing all the thing Now it’s a time to add these data in Wp-config

  • Go to Domain folder in Cpanel
  • Find a file name wp-config and Click on edit
  • Add you Database name with prefix
  • Add your username and password that you set for the user.
  • And Click Save Changes

By this way, WordPress will be Configure in Cpanel by manual technique after all search your domain on Browser and You will see WordPress Setup Running.

Fill the required fields For Website and database such as siteName,  Username, password, and Email and hit install NOW


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How To Install WordPress With Softaculous

Today hosting provides the most easy way to install WordPress on Cpanel using Softaculous.

Softaculous is a web application automation system by which you can install WordPress with just a few steps.

Follow these steps

  • Login To Your Hosting Cpanel
  • Select WordPress from Web applications
  • You will be redirected to WordPress Installation
install wordpress on cpanel

install wordpress on cpanel


Now following these below steps to Fill all the required information


In software Setup

Choose Version You want Install: Select WordPress Setup
Choose Installation URL: Select Your Domain

Site Setting:

Site Name: Write Name of your website
Description: Write a description

Admin Account

Username: Write username for admin
Password: write a password for admin
Admin Email: write about the Email address for a site

Advanced Option:

In the advanced option, you need to write a custom database name which is easily remembered in the future otherwise if you can’t select the Advance option Softaculous will Automatically create a database for your site.

If you want to give a custom name to the database then fill that field.

Database name: Select a custom database name
Automated Backup: And select Automated Backup if you want


Select Theme

In this section, you need to select a simple theme and Click on Install

And in Couple of Seconds, you will find your sit ready then Login by username and password and you will be redirected to Dashboard


Softaculous will Create Database Automatically and will install WordPress with a  theme.

Just by these few steps, you can access your WordPress dashboard.




So these are the 2 easiest way to install WordPress on Cpanel, If you are a WordPress field beginner you need to learn both the ways otherwise for non-tech WordPress user Only the Softaculous method is most easy just to fill the required information and install WordPress.



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