Indeed Prime: What is Indeed prime Complete Review

Indeed prime Review Why To use

Hiring tech talent is not easy, it’s Expensive, Competitive and time-consuming that’s why indeed prime is the number one tech digital platform created to help Hiring Managers, recruiters and CTO’s to find the target tech talent with a search filter.


What is Indeed Prime

Welcome to indeed Prime where the best companies are finding top talents. Indeed Prime is a free service that helps promising tech talent securing top offers from leading companies. Indeed Prime is an exclusive talent network in 6 Key hiring markets.

  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Austin
  • Los Ange
  • San Francisco


What makes Indeed prime So unique?

  • Fill just one application to be considered from multiple rows
  • You can set salary expectations
  • Indeed team of experts will create, optimize your individual profile
    and best showcase your standard qualities
  • You will see the dedicated talent service executive team will conduct
    Resume review, Behavior market views and also provides Interview tips
  • Your Profile will be hidden from other companies so you can connect
    with other companies

Why do hundreds of hiring managers use Prime because to find the best talent only the top 5% of candidates pass the prime screening process and coding challenges they will engage with responsive candidates.

Prime candidates are pre-qualified and motivated with 90% responding to Employer contacts they will make Quality hires Faster

Prime indeed reduce the time to fill an important role without recruiting agency fees

Let’s Get started

Your perfect hire is right around the corner let gets started today with indeed prime and hire candidate more easily

For Candidate, finding Follow this method


  • First, you can search for candidates
  • Set some filter for a candidate
  • identify location requirements
  • Find Essential Role and skills
  • Select years of Experience
  • Identify a salary
  • And let search based on filter

And after all, you can directly contact theĀ  candidate you find in the search
filter of Prime indeed.

After all, Now a prime indeed team is ready to help you and work for your desire

Indeed Client Consultants

  • Expert in Technical and sale recruiting
  • They are Non-commission based
  • Understand the hiring manager’s needs
  • They Maximize user experience by helping employers take full advantage
    of the indeed prime platform
  • Provide direct insight into a candidate’s motivators and decision making
  • And Ensure a successful candidate fit by understanding employer needs
    and offering hand-curated matches

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What is the prime’s Industry-leading Pricing Model?

  • Subscription Plan
  • Pay Per Hire

Prime Facts

  • Fastest time to hire is 8 days
  • Only top 5% of candidates pass screening tests and indeed prime coding challenge
  • 90% of prime candidate respond to employer contacts
  • 57% responds with interest


Indeed prime cost

The Indeed cost depends on the different circumstances for Small scale companies and managers it’s free with limited and for large Enterprise-scale businesses, it offers paid Subscriptions to access more features.

Indeed premium plan members can see a Fresh Candidates 14 days ago than Basic plan members can see them thats why its recommended to hire the best people for the company.


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