How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post


Google is one of the biggest and top sources for your blog traffic. And its realty that every blogger want huge traffic on his blog. So traffics will come to your blog by implementing SEO for your blog. For that, you will be able to use the best keywords (Seo tip) to increase your blog traffic. In this article, we will discuss how we can write SEO friendly blog post.

Write SEO friendly content and optimize blog posts for SEO is a great skill for blogger which will come with practice, try to write some that are effective for search engine and same for your blog readers.

If you have no budget for Marketing and want to rank higher in search engines, SEO Friendly contents will help to grow well in the search engine without Offpage SEO and Link building, YES it’s correct.
Sometimes you will check the google search result and find that some website that you no backlinks or backlinks in low number are rank on top from the website which has high authority and Backlinks.
Its all about keywords targetting and QUALITY content that will beat your competitors.

Why You Need SEO Article

SEO content writing tips is a very important skill to write for search engine. You need to target the solution that readers search and want a guide. If you provide exactly as user want it will help to get more engagements.

Seo Article mainly Target Keywords to rank for, If you search on google for a certain query you will find many blog post from different bloggers but google rank those blogs which have keywords rich content.

During article writing Goes down in search result of google you will see a recommendation of keywords that people are searching in search engine To write on that keywords then after search engines crawlers index that page, You article will find more help.

Its because you are trying to give content readers friendly.


Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

Here is some factor to consider how to write SEO friendly Blog Post.

  • Think Before Write
  • Write Short Paragraphs
  • Create Effective structure
  • Title and Meta Description
  • Image Optimization
  • Inbound and Outbound links.
  • Use keyword Density 2.0
  • Try to write Long Blog post

Let Discuss all one by one


1: Think Before Write:

First and the most important that matter is your Topic for the blog post. Your topic is the main thing that you will consider first before writing your blog. Think wisely before writing that what will be included in your article, and research for that idea to better represent it on the blog post.

Many bloggers working on sites to rank in search engines but search engines rank those blog and content that are SEO friendly with best keywords research.


2: Write Short Paragraphs

Short paragraphs are the key for readers to take time for your blog post and read it Effectively. Today there are huge community surfing from a mobile device so try to use a short paragraph of 2 or 3 Sentence per paragraph.

Use Important Keywords in BOLD and Italic style will make it better for readers to find valuable content more easily.


3: Creative Effective Structure:

Clean and neet blog post structure is another factor that you need to consider during the writing of blog post. Use Bullet list and Table of content and link it every topic whenever someone clicks on a specific bullet list will be a move to that topic easily.

Structure of your blog and blog post will help you to Show you post in rich snippets on google first page 1st position.

Sometimes your ranking position is below that some other blogs but the structure of your blogpost get the first position of Rich sniper which will give More chances of visitors to click and view your content.


4: Title and Meta Description Optimization

Keep your title and Meta description optimize with rich keywords. Use your focus keyword in Title and in Meta description. If you are using WordPress install Yoast plugin which will give you a better way to optimize your SEO title and description.

Try to keep your TITLE length 50 – 60 Characters and keep meta descriptions, 150- 160 character which is recommended by MOS.

With  attractive keywords, Title and meta description will show you Blog post in the search engine the more your article look attractive the more CTR you will get for visitors


5: Image Optimization

Image is the highest reaching factor in your blog post. Things explain in the form of images of infographics will easily give hint to readers.

When you Use Images don’t forget to Optimize it before posting, Use Width:520 and height:293 to create your image this size I learn from some High authority forum discussion.

Use Your target keyword in your image title and Alt tags.

Before uploading your image in Meda gallery important thing is to include your keyword in Image Title by following this method

  • Go to your Image Properties section
  • Right-click on Image and click Properties
  • Click On Details in Right Top
  • Include Focus Keyword in Title and Tags
  • Click Apply To SAVE Changes


6: Inbound and outbound links

Don’t be afraid of inbound and outbound link let explain

Inbound Link:

These are linked to your own site blogpost, whenever you writing your blogpost attach another relevant blogpost in your current post using a Bold style, This will helps in Ranking and will result in more Pageviews.

Outbound Link:

These are links which will go outside from your blog. If you have another blog you can link it with your current blogpost to pass the authority to your website. Otherwise, you can link another website as a reference in your blog post or r some keywords.


7: Use keywords Density 

How Many times you are using your Focus keyword in the blog post is an important thing to consider. Don’t use your keyword many times it will be considered as keyword stuffing.

Maximum keyword density to use is 2.0 Yoast plugin in WordPress track this factor and show how many time you use your keyword.


8: Long Blog Post

Recently when I read the latest ranking infographics of google search engine it shows that blog post between 2000- 2500 have the highest chance to rank well in search engine.

Using Quality, Rich keyword and Long blog post are the secrets which will sometimes rank your post without a backlink.

9: Use Webmaster Keyword For Blog

This is the most successful and secret way to use webmaster search console User query that they search to find you website I search engine.

After login to Webmaster tool scroll down to the Query section where you will find the exact short til and long tails keyword copy it and use it in your blog post, This will increase your presence in search engines


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