How To Check Android Version Samsung

How To Check Android Version Samsung


Android is the most popular Linux-based mobile phone operating system Owned by Google. This operating system is specially designed for touchscreen devices like Smartphones and tablets. In this article, we will learn how to Check android version in your Samsung Smartphones.


The Topmost Android is released in 2008 as name Astro, for Smartphones and Tablets.  It’s a type of System software that allows your hardware to perform different functions.

There are different Operating system available in the market like Symbian, IOS, Blackberry etc but android is one of the topmost usable Operating systems due to its Easy Use, Updates, and You can download any type of Apps from Play Store.

Google Playstore

Google play store is also known as the Android App Store is a place where you can access Millions of Application at one platform. You need a developer account to launch your apps in the Google play store and then your app will be accessible for the user. These apps contain many different categories such as

  1. Entertainment
  2. Games
  3. Sports
  4. Health
  5. News
  6. Information
  8. Technology etc

With the passage of time Google update there operating system Android and that’s why there are different types of latest android version like

  1. 1.0  API 1
  2. 1.5  Cupcake
  3. 1.6  Donut
  4. 2.0  Eclair
  5. 2.2  Froyo
  6. 2.3  Gingerbread
  7. 3.0  Honeycomb
  8. 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich
  9. 4.1  Jelly Bean 
  10. 4.4  KitKat
  11. 5.0  Lollipop
  12. 6.0  Marshmallow
  13. 7.0  Nougat
  14. 8.0  Oreo
  15. 9.0 Pie

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Check Android Version of your Smartphone

What is my android version, You can check Android version in different types of smartphone because Different Smartphone companies use this Operating system Like, Nexus, Lg, Moto, Lenovo but In this article, I will share a method of

How To Check Android Version Samsung.

How To Check Android Version Samsung

If you want to Check Android version Samsung phone follow the below Steps.

  • First of all, Open your phone
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on More Setting
  • Then Go to About phone
  • There you will find Your Android version option
  • Press that version 4-5  times you will see your Full Android version

You can Perform this Method for any of Samsung Android Phones


How to Check All setting before Buying an android phone

The best way to check all setting is simply a code  

Go to Keypad and Type *#0*#  You will see a window will arise contain

  • Colours
  • Receiver
  • Vibration
  • LED
  • Front And back camera
  • Barcode Emulator
  • Speaker
  • Touch
  • Sensor etc

With this simple method, you can check anything that if an android phone that you are going to buy is completely set or some problem.

Watch This Full video that  How To Check Android Version of your Samsung 


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