How To Find Blogger Blogs Secret Number ID

Blogger is owned by Google is one of the popular free blogging platforms for bloggers. Many bloggers start his journey from the blogger platform due to its easy Features. Blogger is free of cost it gives you Free hosting and subdomain to start your new blog. Blogger platform doesn’t need special skill to manage. In this article, I will guide you on how to Find Blogger Blogs Secret Number ID

Purpose of Blogger Blogs ID

Blogger Blogs secret Number id is used for a special purpose at the time when you want to track the visitor of your blog, for that purpose you need to submit your blog to Google Analytics to view all the performance of Traffic.

At the time to submit site to Google Analytics, you need This secret number by which  Google analytics will track your visitors.


Find Blogger Blogs Secret Number ID

Every blog hosted at blogger has its Own number which makes it unique from another blog. Don’t worry about to find Your blog ID Because its as easy method to find your blog ID in your current blog running. Blog iD is very important in some special places  For example IF you Submit your blog to Google analytic then you need blog ID to see all the traffic of your blog. Blog ID is showing to only the Owner of Blog Not the visitors of your Blog.

Method TO Find Blogger Blogs Secret Number ID:

Blogger Blog id
Find Blogger Blogs Secret Number ID


  • The first thing you should do it is login to your Blogger Account. 
  • You  will be redirected to the window of Post, Pages, Setting, a theme called Dashboard 
  • In that window Look at the top in your browser Url Tab.
  • Your blog secret number / ID will be showing between = and #
  • The 19 digit code is your blog Number.
  • Copy that code and use it in your Google analytics to track visitor of the blog.


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