10 Most Shocking Facts About Youtube

10 Most Shocking Facts About Youtube

Youtube Founded in 2005,  is one of the most famous video sites on the internet. The number of content on youtube is in Millions. In this article, we will study about  Facts About Youtube

YouTube is the best video sharing and watching website and it is available in nearly every country and over seventy-six different languages. Anyone can upload content here, and also earn a huge amount from youtube.


Earn Money Through Youtube

You can earn lots of money from Youtube using a different method where some are listed below.

Google Adsense:

You can earn lots of money from youtube by placing ads on your channel. For this purpose, you need to sign up on associate Adsense account.

Using Website:

You can Drive Traffic to your website From youtube to earn money online

 Affiliate Marketing.

You can sign up on different affiliate marketing platforms and promote those products on Youtube to earn a high amount of money.


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10 Most Shocking Facts About Youtube

  • Youtube founded in 2005 and Owned by Google 
  • Youtube.com domain is registered on Valentine’s Day in the year 2005
  • In Youtube,
  • Three-person who Created PayPal in 2005 names are Stephan Chen, Javed Karim, chad
  • JAVED KARIM was the person man who uploads the first video on youtube on April 23, 2005 
  • Javed Karim was one of the three regular establishments on youtube.
  • As per Youtube in the year 2015 American observed only 600 million hours of excellence and makeup video.
  • The most disappointing video of youtube’s History is Justin Bieber’s Baby video which 7,609,589 individuals loathe opposite side 6,336,078 individuals like that video.
  • The Comment you make on Youtube recordings will show up in more than 75 Languages
  • In 2014 High salary from Youtube was celebrated for Grumpy Cat. This channel has gain more than $100 Million, more than 10 Billion rupees by Youtube
  • Youtube is the world’s second-biggest internet searcher after Google. 


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