Esb 99154 Error on Easypaisa Platform | Troubleshooting Guide

EasyPaisa, the popular mobile payment app in Pakistan, has revolutionized the way people transfer money to their loved ones or conduct business transactions.

With its extensive reach and versatile features, it has become an integral part of daily financial activities for millions of users across the country.

However, in the latest version of EasyPaisa, some users have encountered errors while attempting to transfer money.

These errors can be frustrating and may disrupt the smooth flow of transactions. In this article, We will cover Esb 99154 Error on Easypaisa platform.

By understanding the possible causes and implementing effective troubleshooting techniques, users can ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience when using EasyPaisa for their money transfers.

Different Types of Easypaisa Errors:

Some users may encounter errors when trying to use Easypaisa. Here are some of the most common Easypaisa errors:

  1. ESB 99154
  2. ESB 99155
  3. ESB 99156
  4. ESB 99157
  5. ESB 99158:

1. ESB 99154Error Easypaisa:

ESB 99154 is an error code specific to EasyPaisa that users may encounter while performing transactions.

This error typically occurs when there is a problem with the transaction request or the communication between EasyPaisa and the respective payment gateway.

It could be due to technical issues, network disruptions, or invalid transaction details.

When faced with ESB 99154, it is recommended to review the transaction details, ensure a stable internet connection, and attempt the transaction again.

If the error persists, contacting EasyPaisa’s customer support for further assistance is advisable.

2. ESB 99155Error Easypaisa:

ESB 99155 is another error code that users may come across while using EasyPaisa. This error usually indicates an issue with the user’s account, such as an account suspension or restriction.

It may be triggered by various factors, including multiple incorrect PIN attempts, suspicious activity, or non-compliance with EasyPaisa’s terms and conditions.

If encountering ESB 99155, it is crucial to contact EasyPaisa’s customer support to understand the reason behind the account restriction and to follow their guidance to resolve the issue and regain access to the account.

3. ESB 99156Error Easypaisa:

ESB 99156 is an error code associated with EasyPaisa that signifies a problem with the transaction authorization process.

This error commonly occurs when the user’s account does not have sufficient funds to complete the requested transaction.

It can also arise if there are connectivity issues or if the recipient’s account details are incorrect.

To address ESB 99156, users should ensure they have enough funds in their EasyPaisa account, verify the recipient details, and check their internet connection.

If the error persists, reaching out to EasyPaisa’s customer support for further assistance is recommended.

4. ESB 99157Error Easypaisa:

ESB 99157 is an error code that users may encounter while using EasyPaisa, particularly during the registration or verification process.

This error typically occurs when there are discrepancies or issues with the provided personal information, such as incorrect name, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, or other identification details.

To overcome ESB 99157, users should review the information they entered during registration or verification, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the required format.

If the error persists, reaching out to EasyPaisa’s customer support is advisable for guidance on resolving the issue.

5. ESB 99158Error Easypaisa:

ESB 99158 is an error code specific to EasyPaisa, which may arise when there are technical glitches or connectivity problems during the transaction process.

This error can occur if there is a disruption in the communication between EasyPaisa’s servers and the payment gateway, resulting in a failed transaction.

To address ESB 99158, users should ensure a stable internet connection, close and reopen the EasyPaisa app, and attempt the transaction again.

If the error persists, contacting EasyPaisa’s customer support is recommended for further assistance.

How to Resolve These Error:

To resolve the different EasyPaisa errors mentioned earlier, here are the recommended steps:

  1. ESB 99154Error Easypaisa (Problem with EasyPaisa account):
    • Check your EasyPaisa account balance to ensure you have sufficient funds.
    • Verify that you are entering the correct PIN for your EasyPaisa account.
    • Ensure a stable internet connection and try the transaction again.
    • If the error persists, contact EasyPaisa customer service for further assistance.
  2. ESB 99155Error Easypaisa (Unregistered user):
    • Confirm that the recipient is a registered user of EasyPaisa.
    • Ensure you have entered the correct recipient details, such as their mobile number or CNIC.
    • If the recipient is not registered, advise them to create an EasyPaisa account to proceed with the transaction.
  3. ESB 99156Error Easypaisa (Insufficient balance):
    • Verify your EasyPaisa account balance to ensure it is sufficient for the transaction.
    • If your balance is insufficient, add funds to your account before attempting the transaction.
    • Double-check the transaction amount and make sure it does not exceed your available balance.
  4. ESB 99157Error Easypaisa (Unsupported transaction):
    • Confirm that the type of transaction you are attempting is supported by EasyPaisa.
    • Certain transactions, such as international transfers or specific merchant payments, may not be supported.
    • Check EasyPaisa’s documentation or contact customer service to determine the supported transaction types.
  5. ESB 99158Error Easypaisa (Network-related issue):
    • Check your internet connection to ensure it is stable and reliable.
    • If you are using mobile data, ensure you have a strong signal.
    • If the error persists, wait for some time and try the transaction again later.
    • Contact EasyPaisa customer service if the issue persists or if there are known network issues.

Additional Tips:

  • Maintain a strong password for your EasyPaisa account to enhance security.
  • Do not share your EasyPaisa PIN with anyone to protect your account.
  • Exercise caution when entering your EasyPaisa information on websites or apps to prevent phishing attempts.
  • Keep your EasyPaisa app updated to the latest version to ensure compatibility and access to new features.
  • Before making any important transactions, check the EasyPaisa network status or announcements for any known issues or maintenance.

If you are unable to resolve the error using the suggested steps, it is recommended to reach out to EasyPaisa customer service directly.

They will provide specific guidance and assistance based on the nature of the error you are experiencing.



In conclusion, EasyPaisa has emerged as a popular mobile payment app in Pakistan, offering convenience and efficiency in financial transactions.

While it provides a seamless experience for millions of users, encountering errors is not uncommon.

Understanding and troubleshooting these errors is crucial for ensuring smooth and uninterrupted usage of the EasyPaisa platform.

Throughout this article, we explored various types of errors that users may come across while using EasyPaisa, such as ESB 99154, ESB 99155, ESB 99156, ESB 99157, and ESB 99158.

We provided explanations for each error and suggested steps to resolve them, including checking account balances, verifying details, ensuring a stable internet connection, and contacting EasyPaisa customer support when needed.

It is important to remember that specific resolutions may vary depending on individual circumstances and the nature of the error.

When encountering persistent errors or complex issues, reaching out to EasyPaisa’s customer support is highly recommended.

By staying informed about common errors, implementing troubleshooting techniques, and seeking assistance when needed, users can navigate through EasyPaisa’s services with confidence, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience for their financial transactions.

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