Youtube Monetization Rules – Recent Youtube Update 2020

Youtube Monetization Rules: Youtube is a great platform to earn money online form uploading video and then by placing google ads.

Youtube is a video sharing platform which provides YouTubers to create different category content and upload it on youtube. Then you can sign up for Google Adsense a partner program with youtube to place ads on video and earn a handsome amount from home Online.

After partner program starting many people start youtube to earn money online and start creating content but some times later people start other people video uploading which is called a copyright content.

There different Categories in which you can start work to earn money online such as

  • Health and Fitness
  • Tech Reviews
  • Travel Vlogging
  • Cooking $ Recipe
  • Teaching and News
  • Gaming

Youtube Monetization Rules

To reduce the number of copyright content and give value to Quality contents and publisher YouTuber Announced some update for channel creator.

According to the recent update, Youtuber will not monetize a youtube having 4 Thousand hours watch time and 1k Subscriber in the recent 365 days.

Does Update Affect Existing Youtubers

Yes, this new update from YouTuber affects many different categories of youtube content creators because now they will work real and create Quality content. Because a youtube channel has a copyrighted content will be no longer accepted or will Cross the threshold of 4K Watchtime and 1K Subscribe.


Youtube Channel Monetization 

There are different categories on youtube in which people are working to publish content from different countries. Due to country bases youtube place orders and give CPC on ads to the publisher.

Youtuber publish on the main blog that we are no longer to monetize those channels which have

  • Content That is Copyright
  • the video that Has Copyright Sound
  • Those content which is Agains the TOS
  • Content that is without Human Voice

And lots more factor that can can’t be monetized.



So with the above, all the monetization rules mean to learn some skills and come out with a Content that’s real and with Quality. It will help to grows will and earn money.

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