What is a Blog and How Does it Work 2021

What is a Blog and How Does it Work 2021

What is Blog: A blog is a place where you publish your Experiences, Thinking, and Stories with your readers. Those people who work on Blogs are called Bloggers and the career is called blogging. You can start your blog from different niche depends on your Interest. I this article we will discuss what is a blog and how does it work.

What is Blogging: 

Blogging is an online career wher you need a blog to start your blogging career. When blogging started no one knows what it will become a medium of earning money online from the internet. It was now a passion for the people.

You will see blogs of different types online like food, fashion, business, entertainment, lifestyle, and others.

What Blogs Need?

Here are some of the thing a blogging career need to have such as

  • Domain & Hosting
  • Writing Skills
  • Knowledge and Passion
  • Unique and Quality Content
  • Search Engine Optimization

1: Domain and Hosting



To start your blog it needs to have a good looking domain name for your blog. A domain is your Identity of the blog where people will search for your domain name to find your blog on the internet.


If you think to start a blog another important thing you need is Hosting. Hosting is storage On the online server where you will place your files online with domain attachment to make it live for readers.

2: Writing Skills

Well, the more you write the better you will grow as a writer. All the professional bloggers that you find online writes regularly to keep the blog updated.

Your readers are the main source of income form your blog and feedback from the readers helps in bringing improvement in the writing. If you think that only a good writer can be a successful blogger then you are wrong.

\Many of the successful bloggers are not writer they hired a writer to work for their blog.

3: Sharing Knowledge and Passions:

If you like to teach then sharing a blog can be a good way to teach others who are interested in learning your field of expertise. You can also share your own thoughts and feelings and can get connected to the like-minded people.
Through teaching in a school, College, University limited number of peoples will learn from you but using blogging career from your blog you will share your knowledge with the larget community of people from the world.
4: Publish Something Unique:
As you know there is huge number of people know how to blog and working as a blogger to gets more benefits.
Try to publish something UNIQUE so that readers feel change whenever they visit your blog. Make your content, website, a performance so attractive that readers want to subscribe for your newsletters.
Content that will be caught as copyrighted then, as a result, your blog will be ban from Search engine and also from ads network.

5: Search Engine Optimization

After your blog has some stuff available then a marketing and traffic source need come to the middle which is called Search engine optimization.

You can drive traffic from different platforms but using SEO(Search engine optimization ) you will drive unlimited traffic without any cost.

For search engine optimization you need to have Strong keyword research to rank in search engine. It will help you to generate More money.


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