Top 5 Most Demanding Programming Languages In 2020

Top 5 Most Demanding Programming Languages In 2020

Today there is a time of Developing new Softwares, Apps, Games. In the 21 century Programming is the basic terminology of this Development. So there are Lots of Programming languages in the world but in this article, we will discuss Most Demanding Programming Languages

There are some low-level languages but Now -e- days programmers used High-level languages to make their development more advance. There are different types of  programming languages used Like  some are

Low-Level Language

  • Machine Language
  • Assembly Language

High Level Languages

  •  C
  •  C++
  •  C# 
  •  java 
  •  Javascript 
  •  Pearl 
  •  PHP
  •  python etc.

Website Designing Languages 

  • Html
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Php

In this article i will point Top 5 Most Demanding Programming Languages In 2020

these are ……

5 Demanding Programming Languages in 2020

1) Java

In 1991, James Gosling and Sun Microsystems began designing a language for home appliances named Java.

In 1994, Gosling realized that his language would be ideal for a Web browser that could run programs over the Internet. Sun produced the browser known today as Hot Java. Java is a purpose objected oriented programming language used to design Android Applications, Desktop Application, Games etc. Java is the most popular language using up to 9 million developers and 7 billion devices.

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Python is a widely using High – level programming language, Guido VAN Rossum create this language.In Python language, there is a philosophy which make the code readable.

As the popularity of python programming language on the internet world is increasing Job offer in many organization also increased. This programming language used mainly in Desktop Application, Web Apps.


C# is pronounced as c sharp is a famous using programming language. C sharp is designed by Microsoft especially to work with .net framework C# is mainly run on Microsoft window. Programming  Language such as c# is used to developed Games, and developing Apps on the Microsoft Platform.

C sharp is easy to use for advanced development.




Not to confused in Java and javascript. Javascript is the most powerful and popular scripting client-side language used for Front-end Development on the internet. 3d Games, Robots, Apps, Website Animation etc are designed using Javascript.

After Html and CSS Javascript is an excellent language to learn.



Php stand for Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side web programming language that is used for Web Development. This language is the most popular language used on a website.

Such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress. Programming language like Php is now the beginner-friendly language due to its growing used on the Internet.

These are Top 5 Most Demanding Programming Languages In 2020 Keep learning and enjoy Programming

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