Top 5 Best Andriod Lock App

Top 5 Best Andriod Lock App

A Phone is Every one Personal. Anyone have their Personal information in Smartphone like Calls, Sms, Pics, videos Etc. There lots of Other useful apps on a mobile phone which we want to hide from Others. In this article, I share the top 5 best android app.

So there are many popular Andriod mobile apps which can hide or Lock your phone data then whenever you want can access. SO if you think of that app for your mobile this is the right place for you. 

Why Use Android Lock App

Today use of smartphone is more than a computer, You can use the phone for Sms, Call, Internet and lots more purposes and that’s why it contains the important data that you never want other seen or check.

To keep that all data secure you need a phone, There is lock available in a smartphone but they are used to lock Phone, By these android phones, you can Lock your phone screen also you can lock your Gallery.


Top 5 Best Andriod Lock App is Below.

These are the collection of top 5 apps which is easily accessible on Google play store for download and install.

1) Applock

App Lock is a simple and effective application with which we will be able to protect all our apps under a password that we ourselves will enable.

App Store is searched in the App Store and this option is chosen
Once downloaded the app will ask you for a password that is the one that will be used to unlock all the apps. 

Now the next thing is to choose the applications that you want to block, to do so we must press the blank space and it will be blocked.

Here you can save photos and videos In themes we can choose the background that one wants to appear when you are going to unlock an application. If you want to change the password, we must get into the configuration

2)vault – Hide Sms Pics & Videos

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos,  is an Andriod application which will allow the user to create a small safe in our Android terminal, in which we can keep our most private text messages, photos or videos.

Vault is a versatile application intended to protect private pictures, recordings, sms, call logs and contacts on your telephone. Accompanies astonishing elements incorporate cover up and secure your photographs, recordings, Sms and even call log assurance. 

One important feature is a private bookmark feature available.

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3) AppLocker

Next Lock android application on the List is App Locker, keep your security by locking applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery or anything you need.

With this application, you can Lock your applications with unique mark bolster moreover. Extraordinary execution on the application.

 One feature I’d jump at the chance to see is a delay before being requested the PIN again so I can flick forwards and backwards between two applications without identifying each time. Configurable defer that is made prompt in the event that I bolt the telephone.

4)Safe Gallery (Media Lock)

Another android application in Top 5 Best Andriod Lock App is Safe Gallery, this is an absolute necessity have application for securing your protection and hide each of the media records utilizing secret word!

This is one of the trusted android secure application accessible Google Play store. Extremely easy to utilize thus much addictive. 

5) Private Zone – AppLock & Vault

The last android application in the list is Private Zone – AppLock & Vault. Prepare to ensure your private data by hiding photos&videos and vital records in our private zone.

This application will keep all your photographs, recordings and documents put away in Private Zone are 100% mystery! The extraordinary application works like fascinate with any execution issues, quick.


1. Add Uninstall Protection prompt, and prevent others from uninstalling it;
2. Optimization boost, boost in notification bar can be disabled;
3. Snapshot intruder page design optimization;

These all are Top 5 Best Andriod Lock App by using these you can protect your phone from others, And access yourself easily using a Password/Pattern.

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