How To Start a Blog on Blogger

How To Start a Blog on Blogger

How To Create A Professional Looking Blog On Blogger platform, Having a blog is a great way to share your skill, feeling, knowledge with the people in the world.  There are many blogging platforms which you can select your favourite and make your blog. In this guide, we will cover how to start a blog on blogger.

I talk about how to create a blog briefly in my previous blog post. There is no Doubt to create your blog on the platform with domain or All depends on your quality  But a custom domain and hosting give you more benefits.

However, as a new person wants to work as a blogger and don’t want to invest money to create his blog Then blogger is a free source for blogging.

It gives you free hosting and subdomain for example Once you gain some traffic and start money through your blog then transform it to custom
 domain and hosting and enjoy Blogging.

Blogger VS WordPress For Newbie

To start a blog as a newbie it need some factors to complete such as if you have money to invest and start blogging its a great way you will grow very fast, but in case you have no money to invest like many bloggers in start of blogging career then You can Choose blogger as a Blogging platform to create a free Domain and hosting blog so easily.


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Follow the Steps to Start A Blog on Blogger

  • Go to 
  • Sign in to your Gmail Account
  • Click on  create a blog
  • Once blog create a display
  • Select Your domain name  and theme
  • Click on create a blog 

Now you can see your blog is successfully created.

Watch This Video start a blog on blogger

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