15 Popular Widgets For Blogspot Blog


15 Popular Widgets For Blogspot Blog


Widgets for Blogspot: Blogger is one of the best blogging CMS in the world, having a free domain and hosting you will make your site live. You will see on many different platforms people recommend blogging on WordPress etc to get more functionalities and
flexibility than a blogger.

Blogger also provides functionality in the form of widgets to add new features just by adding a small step of code in your template to change the appearance
of your website.

What are Widgets for blogger

Widgets are like plugins to add new functionality to your website, in widgets you will use some sort of code to embed it in website template in order to add new features.

By changing the appearance of your website through widget you need to use own widgets for blogpost blog but in case you are a developer and know about coding you can change everything in the blog.

Yes due to coding you will use CSS JAVASCRIPT code inside your blogger template which will help to change and add different Layouts.

Here in this article, we collect some useful widgets for blogpost blog to use and enjoy a better look and functionality.

Here is the List of Widgets for Blogspot

In below list, these are the collection of a popular widget which you will find and add from Blogger library.

1:Featured Post

This is a great widget to show your featured post in blogger blog. By using this widget in your Blogspot blog it will create a section where the latest post from your blog will be showing.

2:HTML / Javascript

This a well-known and the most used widget for a blog where you can add this widget by going to the Blogger own library.

This widget will help to insert any sort of HTML CSS AND JAVASCRIPT code inside this widget, which will show the effect on the blog by check on frontend side.


Profile widget is mostly considered a professional use if you are working as a blogger. This widget will help to show your Bio for your readers.

You can add this to your site Sidebar footer or header etc depends on a template structure. By adding this widget it will track the Blogger profile and will show in place of that Widget area.


Image is also a great use to improve the user experience of your blog. Some times you can see a blog sidebar where a blogger show an affiliate site banner in clickable form. This is a great use of IMAGE widget in your site which will earn extra money incase a user sign up on your link.

Blog image widget is used for different purposes such as

  • Your own image
  • Link to your other sites
  • It may be affiliate Site link

5:Blog Archive

Blog archive widget is used to show all the post that you already publish on your site. Using this widget you will show all the post-Yearly, Monthly and daily bases.

Use this widget in your blog sidebar to create more page views for your blog.

6:Popular posts

Popular Posts widget will help to display all the most visited articles on your site. The sidebar is the right area to display all of the popular blog posts.


7:Follow By Email:

Email is the most important part of marketing in today’s world. By email, you can target all the interested blog reader just by use email widget for Blogspot blog.

Whenever someone subscribes by email you will receive that email and used it for further post targeting to grow your reach.

8:Contact form

If we think of a blogging its all about to write for peoples and solve their problem. Contact form is relevant to readers query if we create a section in a blog where the reader will contact in your blog.

Here are a contact form most popular widgets to used and give the opportunity to
blog readers to easily contact you.


If your site reader is coming from the global world and they don’t know how to translate then a translate widget for the blog will help in this case.

Blogger offers a free widget for you, use this widget to create an additional feature to translate your blog in different languages.

10:Blog search

This is a simple and most usable blogger widget to place this widget inside your blog to create a search section.

This will give flexibility to readers to search every post in your blog.



Custom Coded widgets for Blogspot

Now we will discuss custom coded widgets for Blogspot blog, Custom coded widgets mean these are the contribution of coders for blogger where you can use their Open source code to change the appearance of your website. So let discuss more in this list

1: Blogger Threaded Comments

Blogger threaded comments is a special widget for blogger blog to change the
the appearance of your comments look.

A Beautiful and clean comment section of blogs can give a chance to a readers
to post comments on your blog.

Install Now


2: Accordion Dropdown

This is a special custom coded widget from MBL where you can create a smooth and attractive Popular dropdown list. You can place a link to your other sites or used for a related article on your site.

Install here


3:Download counter

This is a popular feature which will display all the download stats in your site. Download counter is mainly used for those site provides downloadable resources.

This can be used in all major cms like WordPress and blogger.

Install Now


4: Post View Counter

Post view counter is a dynamic page view counter for your readers. By default, blogger shows all the views per post in your blogger dashboard but this widget is for Readers to views the pageviews of the post.

Install Now


5: Facebook Activity Feed

The Facebook activity feed is a plugin which will display all of your facebooks recent post and stories.

This will attract more readers to spend more time on your blog.

Install Now


How To Install Widget in Blogger blog

You can install widgets in blogpost blog very easily just by following below step by step instruction.

  • Login To Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Layout
  • Click on Add Widget
  • Select desired widget and click + Sign
  • Your widget will be added to your site


Above are the guide 15 popular widgets for Blogspot to use and make your site looks better. There many different other widgets and code available go and research it for a professional look.

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