Important Science And Technology Facts That You Never Seen

Important Science And Technology Facts That You Never Seen

Science is the collection of ideas , and make them practical. Science is creating a wonderful discovery every day in any part of the world. In this article, I will talk about some Important Science And Technology Facts That You Never Seen

 Science contain many branches  like Mechanical, Electronic , Civil , electrical , Computer science , etc in which people work and develope new things  for the world.

9 Science and Technolgy Facts

1) Virus Maker 

A computer virus does not make by one person.There are a group of people which make these virus .Those people which make harmful computer attack virus are connected 70% to a large organization mean a virus is made by many virus makers to its so dangerous to steal data from anywhere. 

2)Mobile Rays.

Mobile is a very good development of modern science. There are lots of advantages of smartphone-like  , Send text messages, Call , capture photos  videos , and now internet access very easily .

But as advantages, there are disadvantages also  and the big one is Are you know that your mobile  60% of Rays passing can directly affect your mind. The Rays which used by mobile through signal can hardly affect the brain .


yahoo is the best search engine now e days after Google. Like Google and other search engine, millions of people from different part of the world used the Yahoo search engine.Are you know   that  the  old name of a yahoo search engine is

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4) Google :

Google is Top 1st internet search engine in the world, Which contain 1 Billion searches daily  Which make 200-ton carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

5) Elgoog

Elgoog is the opposite of Google and very famous in Chinna.  In a time Google ban is china then they create their search engine called Elgoog. The Govt of china trace thier internet user and find what they search of the internet.

But using this elgoog search engine every searches shows opposite so Govt can’t Trace their internet users.

6) Ebay 

eBay is multinational e-commerce site in which fro different part of the world people buy and sell things. In the early time, eBay is not a bussiness site its a Biological Related Site This site is created for a biological disease name ebola  then after sometime later its change to international business service site. 

7) Malbolge

There are many programming languages in the world. Like c++, c#, Python, Php, Ruby, Java, etc. Some are easy due to its built-in function.

But some are so complex like Malbolge is the hardest to learn Programming language  Created By Bin on stead.

8)Cloud Computer .

Cloud Computer is a type of computing which sharing computing resources rather than having servers or personal devices to hand application.

In the Cloud system, data can be sent and stored on the internet. Microsoft wants to place its data Center below in the sea. Because when their server starts every time can create heat and that way they want to place it in the sea to make it Cold.

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You have buy 4, 16, 32 etc GB of Pendrive But are you know that  Only  4 Gram of DNA can store All the internet and all the world data.  

This is how an interesting that only a small 4Gram can store all the world data and scientist only created these small GB of Storage pen drive, sd card to store information and data. DNA is natural is the human body can store all human function record.

These All are Important Science And Technology Facts That You Never Seen. Its very interesting knowledge for All share it with others.

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