How To Write A Blog Post on Blogger Blog

How To Write  Blog Post on Blogger Blog

If you work as Blogger its very good for you. In today world maximum people want to start work as a blogger and earn money through blogging. In this article, we will discuss Write A Blog Post on Blogger Blog

Blogging is not a fast making money its increase slowly mean First of all when you start a blog on any niche you post an article with Full SEO, keyword research, Link building description etc then you start ranking in search engines.

I will guide you on how you can post to your blogger. This article is for a blogger who works on the blogger platform so it’s so easy.

First of all, when you write a new post remember the  below steps to write Good article


Follow These Steps…

  • Try to write unique content, quality content which attracts more people don’t copy another blog post.
  • Use the best keyword research for your blog post.
  • Choose an attractive title and description for your blog.
  • Use your Custom Graphics don’t use Google images.

How to write Full Seo Article

Write  Full SEO friendly article is so easy. Best keyword is the to success. Use the long-tail keyword in your blog post by using long-tail keyword short keyword is also using in the post.  Use an attractive title and include your targeted keyword in the title, Also use your targeted keyword trice in a post in the start, middle, and end .keep your post easily readable for your visitors.

How To Write Blog Post on Blogger Blog

  • First of all login to your Blogger account
  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Click on Post >New post orange colour on Top 
  • A window will open 
  • Write your title, write  your post on your idea 
  • write Description 
  • Choose label include Pics with Alt Tags
  • Insert Hyperlink, Caption, Video etc According to your desire 

And Publish post

Watch This Video How To Write A Blog Post on Blogger Blog

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