How to Create Invisible Name Facebook Account

How to Create  Invisible Name Facebook Account

Facebook is a popular social network Today. People from all countries want to use facebook because it’s easy to use and make people friends from any part of the world. To join Facebook simply go to the facebook network website and sign up to get started. In this article, some guide about how to create Invisible Name Facebook Account

As you sign in you can set all the required fields and send a request to the people already sign in to facebook .there are pages, groups in which people daily post and comment.

Facebook Name:

As you see the profile of other people some have  Stylish profile name mean the name character is special symbol  some people set their name single on facebook  like  One name but if you do this you can use Proxy extension like Hola VPN, Tunnel bear etc,  

But now a new trick that can make you surprised it is INVISIBLE NAME FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, yes Now people make invisible facebook name that is not shown to other people on facebook  only profile picture is seen by people But doesn’t worry if you want to create invisible  empty name facebook account I will give you a genuine method in this article .


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How to Create an Invisible Name Facebook Account

This is the trick Follow the below method friend…….

  • Go to
  • Sign up to facebook
  • Go to Setting  
  • Click On General 
  • Your name, email, etc will open 
  • Now Copy the code below  and paste in 
    First name and last name 


    CODE:    (ﹺ     ﹺ)

    Step 7: Copy the code  and Remember  to remove ( )  parenthesis from
     the first name and last name only the , like code is remaining.

    Step 7: Click on review Change enter your password and See the Invisible Name facebook account.

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