6 Important Steps To Get Huge Traffic From Youtube

6 Important Steps To Get Huge Traffic From Youtube

Youtube is the 2ndmost visited Search Engine now-e-days. Daily millions of visitors visit Youtube to watch videos Such as Funny, Cricket, WWE, Tutorials, Courses, song, movies etc. Some youtube user watches online videos and enjoys the content while others use it to promote their business, share his skills, without investment.
And the important thing is YouTuber makes a channel in youtube and daily upload videos according to his selected niches and then monetize this channel and earn huge money.
If we use Youtube properly we can obtain lots of traffic for our website/Blog.


Why Choose Youtube For Traffic:


YouTube is one of the popular search engines after Google. Millions of people daily visit youtube.

Youtube is a great source of traffic for the blog. We’ve talked about making a youtube video to show your blog and out of all the free video hosting sites, YouTube search engine is my favourite I am also using this.

 Get Huge Traffic From Youtube


1: Attractive Youtube Profile:

The attractive profile is the key step to get noticed. If someone clicks on your video if he watches your video then visit your profile to know more about you and see that your like are dummy its a bad user experience and the user will hate to visit your profile next time.
So Its SEO step of youtube to create Logo for Youtube channel select Best Art design cover pic, Because if people visit your channel to attract its attention and subscribe to your channel. By the way its important to make your profile attractive.


2: Quality and Unique Contents: 

There are huge content availbale means there is no shortage of videos. It will better to create and upload videos that will change from others channel, not copyright.

3: Use the Site Logo and Website Link in Videos:

Its important to use logo and website name and includes your URL in the description in the video ending also.URL (Uniform source locator) is the key to trigger traffic.
If you have little knowledge about video editing then adding a small Logo with a link on top will increase the number of visitors You should insert intro logo in the starting of the video and in the ending of the video. CREATE INTRO FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO
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4: Share your Channel Videos
The one very important and Better step is to promote your video on a social network like Facebook, twitter, google +, Reddit. In Facebook sharing videos is the key as user share them with there friends and this forms the chain.

5: Divert Your Video Views to Your Website: 

When you got lots of subscribers on Youtube now its time to ask your visitors to visit your website.
You can try to build videos in which tell your visitors about different things like blogging, SEO , online earning etc and then you can ask your visitors to visit your website to get the full tutorial. In this way, you could get tons of traffic from youtube.

6: Link Your Blog In Channel: 

Copy Your Blog /Website Link and include in the description of video In the description of the channel that for more information visit my Blog. You can also Create Annotation on the video to tell viewers that This is my website/Blog you can join us Here.
 Follow These All Step Will get Visiter For Your Blog/ Website  

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