How To Find WordPress Theme Is Using By A Blog

Find WordPress Theme Is Using By A Blog

WordPress is the most popular Content Management system in the world. Today there are Millions of website running on the internet. The use of Technology and learning increasing day by day. In this article, we will discuss how to find WordPress theme.

There are different types of website designing platform Like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly etc But WordPress is most famous among these all due to its easy design and easy to learn every step.

In this article, we share tips that will help you to Find WordPress Theme which Is Using By A Blog

Find WordPress Theme


I have seen many people post in Groups and forums that how to find a theme using by a WordPress Website. I am currently looking the best responsive and clean theme for my website I seen hundreds on theme on the internet.

The best method for using a website theme is searching which will fit your website and make it fast to Love by visitors and visit again and again.

Sometimes you will find a website theme that matches your website niche and also you want to Upload that theme on your website/Blog but not find the theme name, Hosting site, etc.

Find WordPress Theme Is Using By A Blog

So there are some ways available by which you can find a WordPress theme used by a blog or website, First you can find using a Manual method and second way there are websites which can easily find a theme by typing that website name in the search bar then you can find easily.

Manual Method  To Find WordPress Theme

You can find a WordPress theme by Manual method

  • simply Go to the website which you want to find which theme using.
  • Then press Control + U or Right-click on Page and click on View Page Source
  • Here you will see a Page full of code
  • Press Control + F to find a CSS File of that theme
  • Then You will See a Pop Arise type Style.css and ENTER
  • You will see some result click on style.css File and Done you will See the name of the theme and Company.

Website Method to find a WordPress theme

In this method, there is some website available online by which you can check a WordPress theme. Below are 2 website listed try it one by one.




Find WordPress Theme
Find WordPress Theme is a site which will find easily every WordPress theme for you. You can simply Go to wpthemedetecter website and Copy a website address you want to find and paste it in the search box and it will show you Complete information that which one is the theme, which is provider company etc.


Like see below screenshot I already search website Address in the search bar Wpthemedetecter Showing all information about that website.

Sahifa WordPress theme is USing by


Find WordPress Theme
Find WordPress Theme



Find WordPress Theme
Find WordPress Theme is another popular site that allows users to enter the address of any website that can find a theme for you. The information also identifies the name of the author.

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So these two websites are very helpful for  How To Find WordPress Theme Is Using By A Blog.

Enjoy Your favorite Theme……….


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