online Earning in Pakistan – Ways To Earn Money online in Pakistan

online earning in pakistan: We are living in a digital world where things going to the digitization and easy. Gone are the days when people were thinking about how to earn money to start a big business or  doing a small job in a company after completion of the degree

Lots of people thinking in a box that all revolve around a degree when we complete a degree then we will start earning money in Pakistan but that time was gone now if  you are thinking to start earning money online in Pakistan as a student it’s possible without a degree and before graduation

Today I am here to guide you on how to start earning money in Pakistan from home free
of cost without investment So if you are looking for this guide you can read the whole ideas which will be
discuss now

I think this will solve all the problem and will give you an idea of How to earn money online in Pakistan for students

How To Earn Money at Home in Pakistan

Pakistan is the growing IT industry in the world due to social media and people are becoming smarter

There is huge potential of earning money from home in Pakistan but not many people know how to do these things that’s why I am going to explain all the earning method is simple words

Ways To Earn Money Online in Pakistan

There are different ways to earn money in Pakistan

online earning in pakistan


The first way you can start earning money online in Pakistan is Blogging

In blogging, you need a website where you will start earning money which needs simple a domain and hosting. With just some minutes you will be the owner of your website

Further more You need to find some good topics and keyword which are the necessary things to publish content.

After content you will start publishing and sharing content on social media to receive more and more traffic You can place Ads network like Google Adsense, etc to earn money online in Pakistan from home

2) Freelancing

Another Most profitable and easy way to start making money is freelancing where you will selling your skills on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc

Are you know? that what is the position of Pakistan in freelancing let me Surpised you that Pakistan is Among the 4th Country in the world which people working as  freelancer and make money online in Pakistan

In this type of platform you will need to learn some skills and then start selling your service and make money.

Web Development, Web designing, graphics design, Video Editing, Content writing etc are the most demanded skill selling on this profile and people of Pakistan are making thousands of dollar on a monthly basis

3) Youtube

Youtube is the 2nd most visited search engine in the world having millions of monthly traffic but how you can start making money from youtube?

Youtube is a video sharing platform in which people from all over the world are publishing content to make money

In this platform, you need to start a free youtube channel on your Gmail account and after some name, logo, cover, description etc you can start publishing your content.

There are many Popular channels of Pakistani from which they are aking thousand of
dollars per month

If you dont know how this platform work lets explain

Hou this work?

Youtube offer Ad network name google Adsense and according to a new update of complete 1K subscribe and 4 Thousand hours watch time to monetize your channel

After monetization google ads will place Ads on your videos when people watch and click on ads you will receive Revenue on per ads click And thousand impressions

4)Affiliate Marketing

This method of earning money online in Awsome you will earn when you are not working Sell the products of others and get a commission per product

In affiliate marketing, you can do many things there are a lot of ways to start  affiliate marketing in which popular and Profatabel way is amazon affiliate program

You can create a website where you will start selling amazon products to people in review form such as Best laptop for Pubg in 2020

After publishing products reviews you need to bring traffic so that people an purchase product from your website in outcome you will get a commission

you can get traffic using different ways such as

  • Social Media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Marketing


SO these are some of the most profitable and real earning money online methods you can start to earn money online

Every Business is small in the beginning But every work as a start point so you need to take as a start from now and start making money

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