How To Earn Money On Steemit

How To Earn Money On Steemit

Today every person want to Earn Money from home online using the internet. In this articl, we will discuss Earn Money on steemit. There are lots of platform to using your skills or creating content and earn huge amount of money like

  • Freelancing 
  • Blogging
  • Youtube 
  • Affiliate Marketing 

Every platform needs skills to work on it But in this article, I will share amazing platforms like Facebook or other social media platform Name Steemit which doesn’t need such type of skill just learn its basic function and earn huge money the unique point here is that Steemit pays you for your upvote for your Content.

What is Steemit?

The name of that amazing platform is Steemit. Steemit is basically a website like other social media platform but steemit uses the blockchain and a cryptocurrency called Steem to reward participants. The official website of steemit is Steemit gives you a steam dollar which is a cryptocurrency name as Steam. Sometimes people get confused in steemit and steam but I will explain to you both in this article.

How to Join

You can apply in very simple steps like other Platform.
If you have your email you can apply directly from site.

  • In 1st step, you need to select your account name for yourself
  • Then write your email in the required box and enter 
  • Then wait up to 2-3 days you will get approval. 

After approved your account you will notify using your email.


What is Steem

Steam is the basic cryptocurrency used to power this whole system. Steemit gives you earning using steem dollars.

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What is

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform that rewards people for creating content. pay money for your content on this platform.  The whole story behind is creating content like blogging then after posting your content people view your post and comment on it if they like you post. The main point of earning is Upvote the more upvote on your post the more earning will be paid.


 Earn Money On Steemit
Steemit Front Page

Steem price

Just like other cryptocurrency rate Steem had also rate that increase and decrease with time. According to site date, 4/14/2018 steam rate is $2.70 USD. This a huge loss in the previous 3 months because Steem rate was $7 USD in January 2018. In case you earn steem Doller hold it until it increases its value. 


How to work in

You need to communicate in English because you will write an article for posting your content. After writing your content design a google image using some graphics designing tools Like Photoshop etc and keep in mind don’t copy Google image or others content in case community find your content copyrighted you will punish in the form of banning your account.

After posting share your post on another platform can bring you visitors and people will upvote for contents.

In first days of joining, you need to increase your followers and steem power because it will affect your earning. In  the old user has more steem power account then after posting their content, you will find their content on trending an that is the main thing.

The more steem power of your account the more you will be paid.

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This is very simple site for earning money online now-e-days.IF you want to earn through steemit start your journey today.The overall story behind the is upvote of your content. People earning huge amount on just by creating Quality content.

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