How To Defer Parsing of Javascript In WordPress

How To defer parsing of javascript in WordPress

If you are working on a larger project then as you need to start adding new features your site going to become slower and slower to fix it you can normally go to backend and try to optimize Database.

But one of the easy and quickest way to increase page load speed is to looking how your website loads a javascript on the front end so in this guide we will discuss more about defer parsing of javascript.

Before we can get started first know how your browser parses our HTML when it comes to loading file a normal website page starts parsing from HTML tag and further Head and Body.

But When you have a javascript in your website browser change the way of parsing from the First javascript and then all the Website data that’s why due to javascript and adding new features it slows down your website loading speed.


Why You Need To Defer Parsing of Javascript

You need to defer parsing of javascript to make your site load faster. Website speed it the main Experience whats your readers see when it comes to website traffic

If a website has a loading of speed 2-3 Seconds in considering the fast loading website. You need parsing of javascript because the user who visits your website and finds site load slower will bounce back which will increase the Bounce Rate of website.

Due to this issue, your website will be de-rank with time because Google loves to rank High-speed websites to give a better user experience.

Importance of Defer Parsing of Javascript

According to the recent Ranking of google speedy website will be considered better for ranking than others.

When your website loads slower your maximum traffic will be lost because of this issue that’s why you need a fast loading and quick website it will increase user experience and Help businesses to attract more customers.

Defer parsing of javascript 

When you start to defer parsing of javascript first things to do the analysis your website in Gtmetrics Tool

once you find that your website show defers parsing of the javascript score below 70% your site is in trouble and its a time to defer parsing of javascript because of a better-recommended score in 70%.


Defer parsing of javascript WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system for creating websites and blogs. The easiest and quickest way to defer parsing of javascript in WordPress is so easy due to the availability of different plugins.



Defer parsing of Javascript Using Plugins

Here is a list of different plugins by which you can solve this javascript issue and make your site load faster.

  • Auto Optimize
  • Async Javascript
  • Speed booster pack
  • Wp deferred Javascripts

How to Install Async Plugin For optimization

  • First of all Login to WordPress
  • Go to Plugin section > Add new
  • Search for these plugins > Async Javascript
  • Click on Install > And then activate
  • Navigate towards > Settings in DASHBOARD
  • Enable Async Javascript option
  • Test Your website and see the result


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Speed optimization is the main factor that search engine like google considers. Before writing your post keep your website images optimize using Manual technique using Photoshop or you can use online image compressor.

Another optimization technique Js parsing is discussed in this article keep using these methods to get better optimize website which will help you to rank better in search engine.

You can install all these plugins which are listed in the article to improve your site load time and create a better user experience.

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