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The purpose to start this blog is to update people from technology. You can find every type of information related to

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Tricks masti have may content written in publishing on blogging. We post a quality blog post on How to blog, How to start a professional blog on blogger platform and also on WordPress.

Blogging is a long term passion where you need patients to see your blog stats in the search engine, if you are a newbie and want to start blogging and then monetize your blogging to earn money you are the right place.

We post helpful content on blogging so keep visiting and gets updates.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique to rank blog in search engine for organic traffic. Every website today need SEO to run in the field of technology. We are best in search engine optimization and give you a full guide on how to rank in search engines.

You can read all of our guides on search engine optimization and keep visiting for upcoming updates.


Blogger is google free blogging platform offer a free domain and hosting to start your blog. Tricks masti mainly focus on blogger to give a quality guide on how t start a blog on blogger.

We share different content related to blogger blogging and SEO you can read on the blog.


WordPress is a popular website development and blogging platform to start a blog and earn money online. We are the best in quality content for WordPress. Tricks Masti have many posts related to WordPress theme, plugins, SEO and all things.



Facebook is a social and the most used network now e days. We have a category name facebook where we post all content related to facebook, pages, groups, and marketing.

So if you are interested to learn more about facebook stat tuned and visit for more upcoming updates.


Youtube is a video sharing and second most visited platform owned by Google. How to create a youtube channel, and how to grow on youtube we have helpful kinds of stuff available on our tricks masti blog.

Tricks masti is best in youtube marketing so if you want to learn more about youtube you can reads blog post on our blog.