7 important Tips How to increase Blog Traffic 2020

How To Increase Blog Traffic 2020

A blog is the best way to share your knowledge, idea, opinion with others. I start my blogging career from 3 years ago. In the first days, it was so hard for me because anything needs hard work so I start to write an article daily on the latest technology to update my blog.  After lots of posting there is no traffic to my blog but I myself not discourage because blogging takes time to attract visitors and then you can approve Adsense through your blog and earn money. Today we will cover how to increase Blog Traffic 2020

Some Step To Increase Blog Traffic 2020



First of all, do SEO for your blog. SEO is search engine optimization that can help your blog showing in search engine result like Google, Bing etc.  When people search for a particular keyword they will find your blog and visit your blog.

So it’s very important to increase blog visiter do Search engine optimization for your blog. If your blog has not contained traffic then its not good for your blogging Career.


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 2: Interaction With Visiters

Interact with your visitors. If visitors leave a comment con your post or asking a question, about that post help them is a good way to engaged visitors. Chances are if they enjoyed one of your posts, they have a similar interest and my blog about the same topic with posts that you would enjoy.
This has helped you to Increase Blog Traffic. I do not follow every blog that follows me, I only follow blogs I actually like about my blog topic.

3: Facebook

Join blogging groups, create pages etc. There are many groups out there when people ask a question to give them to answer and also the link of your blog this makes your blog visitors increase.
A majority of these groups also do daily threads that allow you to share blog post links and social media links.
 4: Reddit
Reddit is the most popular platform to get huge traffics for your blog, for youtube channels. Reddit contains many subreddit (Categories) like Ask Reddit, pics, Blog, video, Aww, Jokes etc.
There are many people using Reddit for news and information so I think Reddit is good for blog post sharing. Create your own subreddit and Paste your blog link there to create 1 High-quality backlink. Backlinks can make your blog rank increase.

5: Youtube 

Youtube is the second most visiting platform in the world. Create your own channel in youtube and upload video include your blog link and ask the viewers for more info visit my blog.  Use your blog short video at the start and end of the video can make your blog more viewers.

 6: Blog Forum

The best way to participate in blogging forums. Blogging forums is a place where many other bloggers from the world can visit and share something with each other.
It’s a great way to increase your blog traffic you should participate in forums by helping others by post your Link.

 7: Pinterest

Pinterest is the biggest Pin/images sharing website by which you can grow your website traffic and gain Thousands of visitors a day.
There are Huge community of people working on Pinterest to gain visiter, some of the TRENDING categories to work on Pinterest such as  Health Fitness, Food and recipe, Home Secure etc


Follow the above all step can grow your blog traffics and you can earn more.

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